Babymoon In Vegas!


2015-12-03 21.07.58

Gone are the days of big lights, late nights, and sexy pool parties…at least for now!

My husband and are are expecting our second baby in April and wanted to celebrate with a well deserved babymoon. We decided to head to Las Vegas. Close enough to drive, Las Vegas is the perfect proximity to Phoenix. Whether you want to party like a mommy rock star or not, a two day stay is plenty. This means finding a babysitter is relatively easy. We spent Thanksgiving night at my in-law’s house and slipped out at the crack of dawn the next day.

For the first time in months we were baby-free (sort of…lol). For weeks I imagined this four hour drive a time for me to catch up on sleep. Instead I was filled with excitement of our weekend ahead. I was excited for all the sleep I would get!!

Below is a run-down of my Babymoon must-haves. I encourage you to plan your babymoon and stick to it. I made the mistake of winging the first day and got caught up in the swarm of Black Friday shoppers. Uh oh…but at least I got my shopping fix. Shopping is a definite must!

BM Must-have #1: Plan a Romantic dinner for Two

We had an awesome dining experience at Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. It’s a 40 year old underground restaurant that was originally exclusive to high rollers. Everything from the table side salad to the sorbet served to cleanse your palate between courses was excellent.

Another place I would recommended to visit is The Golden Steer. Located on the northern part of the strip near the SLS Hotel. It’s another classic steakhouse that has had a revival in recent years due to the rise of development in the area.

Of course there are a number of restaurants located along the strip in the big hotels, but for something romantic and special I chose a classic.  

BM Must-Have #2: Spa Treatments

This one’s a no brainer. Treat yourself and treat yourself well! Many hotels offer prenatal massage packages. The Vdara, a non-smoking and non-gambling hotel offers a Mom-To-Be package with choices of breakfast in bed or a prenatal massage. Take advantage of your bump. Most babymoon packages will include complimentary passes to the hotel spa.

BM Must-Have #3: A Las Vegas Show

You’re probably not going to XS or 1 Oak to see your favorite dj on this trip so you might as well see a big Vegas show. I’m so bummed that Britney was on hiatus for a few weeks when we were there. We would’ve definitely seen her in concert. The next big thing of course was to see an Elvis impersonator show…whoo hoo! All Shook Up was a well reviewed show at Planet Hollywood and we found a Groupon for it. It was fun, silly, and full of Elvis’ best hits.

If you plan ahead you can catch a big name performer in concert. Depending on your taste in music and budget you can also catch a Cirque Du Soleil show or resident performer like Celine Dion, Elton John, or Britney Spears.

BM Must-Have #4: Sleep

Oh yeah! Even if my husband and I had planned to do nothing except sleep on this trip, our four hour or so drive to Vegas would’ve been well worth it. Especially if you have other children, you’re well aware of the joy of an uninterrupted night of sleep. So if you plan to stay in, make it count. Draw yourself a bubble bath or make room for two, wrap yourself in a soft terrycloth robe, and tuck yourself into your fluffy bed sheets. Enjoy this time mama. You deserve it!

What are your favorite babymoon locations? Any must-haves to add to the list?