After-School Snacks {Sunday Meal Planning Series}



As soon as I pick up my daughter after-school, she has one thing on her mind.  “I am hungry, Momma!” Sound familiar? When I can, I like to plan ahead for snack time so I am not scrounging up something unhealthy at the last-minute. Here are my ideas for after-school snacks – practical and simple, but healthy too!

Hummus and bell peppers 

My daughter loves the crunch of the bell peppers and the taste of hummus. I usually cut up red bell peppers and pair it with Trader Joes Mediterranean hummus. It is always a hit! And I love that it is healthy too!

Ants on a stick 


Do you remember ants on a stick when you were growing up? Grab a small piece of celery and spread some peanut butter in the middle. Add raisins on top. My daughter isn’t a huge fan of raisins so we cheat a little and add semi-sweet chocolate morsels for added sweetness! There is nothing like peanut butter and chocolate, is there?

Bowl of berries 

So I love stocking my fridge with berries of all kinds. The good news is that it is one of the easiest snacks to have ready after-school. Place the berries of your choice is a bowl, wash and then serve! One added bonus – it is good for adults too!

Cheese plate 

Cheese plates are my go-t0 snack when I have a little extra time. I slice up a few pieces of cheese (my daughter loves sharp cheddar, goat cheese and brie) and add a few crackers. For a little sweetness you can add fig butter too.

What is your go to snack for after-school? 

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Rudri Patel
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