A Few of My Favorite Baby Things {Baby Shower Gifts}



When we registered for our new baby (over two years ago now!), it was pretty overwhelming. There were so many items to choose from and so many options for each of those items and so many stores where you could register for those items. What did we need? How were we supposed to know if it was the best choice? I sought out the advice from friends, registered at a couple of stores, and was blessed with many great things for Liam.

Now that we are well into the toddler stage, these items continue to stand out in my mind (and what I consider must-haves or essential gifts for baby showers). I’ve included the links to Target, Babies R Us, BuyBuyBaby and Amazon so you can easily add them to your registry if you see something you like!

Baby 411 Book
Target | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby (sold in store) | Amazon 

One of my best friends bought me this book when I was pregnant. It was my go-to source of information the entire first year! As a first-time mom, it reassured me because I could easily look up how much he was supposed to be eating, what dosage of medicines were appropriate, commons and normal symptoms so I wouldn’t get into a panic, growth and weight charts, and upcoming milestones. It saved me many doctor’s phone calls, for sure. This is now my go-to gift for any expecting mom!

aden + anais Swaddle Blankets
Target | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby | Amazon 

These blankets were a staple in our home and our baby didn’t even like swaddling. Living in a very hot climate, I love how lightweight these blankets are. They are also quite large which is great for laying out on the floor or bundling them up. I often used them to cover up his car seat if I was out running errands. If I could do it all over again, I would only register for these kind of blankets. I would suggest getting at least two packs (eight total) as they are targets for spit-up and wet diapers!

WubbaNub Pacifier

Target (not sold) | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby | Amazon

I didn’t even know about these until I received two of them at my baby shower. I love them. The stuffed animal at the end (and there are many animals to choose from) keeps the pacifier in the baby’s mouth a little better than if the pacifier was just flying solo. They can also hold onto the animal which is pretty cute. For parents, it makes the pacifier much easier to find and we often yelled across the house, “Where’s his elephant?”

The First Year Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
Target (sold in store) | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby (not sold) | Amazon

This is a basic tub, but that’s what makes it great. It comes with a  newborn sling which our son grew out of at about five weeks (or 11 pounds). Once he was a bit older, he could easily sit up in it due to the grooves at the bottom. It’s lightweight, fairly inexpensive and fits on top of counters or in the bathtub. In fact, I tossed it when he grew out of it because it is so affordable to replace for the next baby.

Brica Backseat Mirror
Target | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby | Amazon

I loved being able to check on what the baby was doing through my rear view mirror. I could see if he was asleep (as he often fell asleep as soon as he got in his car seat) or, if he was crying, I could see what the culprit was. Once he was more alert, he stared at the little baby in the mirror, too!

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Target | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby | Amazon

I didn’t register for this, but received it as a gift. This sheep still lives in Liam’s room. When we go to put him down, we turn the sheep on and its relaxing noises lull him to sleep. We might not have survived the first three weeks without it!

Changing Pad Liners 

Target | Babies R Us | BuyBuyBaby | Amazon

We purchased a precious changing pad cover only to realize how often we had to wash it. A friend bought these liners for us and they made changing so much easier! If the mess didn’t all stay in the diaper, we just threw the liner in the laundry basket and got a new one without having to take the entire changing pad cover on and off each time.

What are your must-have baby items?


  1. Great tips! I wish I had known about these when I had my babies – would have made it much easier! (if only …)

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