7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family


Confession time: I have not always been a fan of Valentine’s Day.

As a Mom, before recent, I have always rejected the idea of celebrating Valentine’s day. I always saw it as a forced holiday loaded with sugar and forced love and affection. I want to be loved all year round, not just for one day! (Who doesn’t love a surprise bouquet of flowers for no reason?) But something happened as I was doing inventory on my life and general perspective on things, I saw things from a completely different perspective. Talk about an attitude shift.

Why not use this day to teach my little about appreciation and gratitude? Why not show her that there is more to this day than just candy and obligatory Valentine’s Day cards?

So, that is exactly what we did! We celebrate Valentine’s day as a family. We incorporate lessons and creative ways to bless one another. And truly, I think that is something any one of us momma’s can stand behind. Am I right?

In case you have a few doubts or maybe want to try this for yourself, here are a few creative ways to join in as a family and make this a meaningful day of celebration.

Exchange Valentine’s cards as a family.

celebrate Valentine's

You can very well make your own using construction paper, crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. But if you are like me and don’t have a ton of time in the day getting a meaningful premade card at the store is just as good. I make sure to write a thoughtful note to go along with it. 

Create a fun craft together.

Let’s get crafty mommas! Yes, I just suggested that even after saying time is a commodity I run short on but this does not have to be a day-long affair. Get some crayons and a few heart shaped cookie cutters and create melted crayon art! Directions and free printouts are easily found on Pinterest. The key here is the time you are spending creating something together, savor the time!

Bake something special together.

It may be because of my love for sweets but I think baking as a family is such an awesome bonding experience. Have your little help measure or apply final decorations to heart-shaped cookies, brownies or cakes. This also teaches them a lifelong skill so I see it as a win-win. 

Cook up a creative “love-themed” meal for your family.

My mother used to do this for me when I was little and I still have fond memories today. Heart shaped pancakes or waffles for dinner? Yes, please! Don’t like breakfast for dinner? We make heart shaped pizza! 

Make heart-shaped EVERYTHING.

Speaking of heart-shaped, make heart shaped everything today; playdough, sandwiches, napkins… you name it! Plan out a heart themed day and see what your family can come up with. The main goal of this is working together as a team while using your imagination. You might be surprised how much this can bring you all together. 

Focus on the real meaning of love.

Try to focus on what love means to you and your family. Talk about it throughout the day. Ask your children how they define love and how they show it each and every day. Talking about emotions and how we define them can ensure you are instilling proper guidelines for the way your children treat others in the future. 

Head out and do something as a family.

I saved this one for last because it is by far my favorite. Head out and do something as a family. This year we plan to go out for a Valentine’s Day movie! If you don’t have time for that head to your local park or get a quick bite to eat together. Doing things together creates lifelong memories you and your children will be able to look back on and appreciate.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

What do you and your family plan to do this year to celebrate the holiday together? Comment below!