5 Things NOT to Do If You Have a Home Business


home business

So as a stay-at-home mom, I have been exposed to quite a few home shopping parties.You name it …Rodan + Fields, Origami Owlthirty-one, Scentsy, Stella & Dot and the list and products go on and on. A number of my friends sell these products and most do a great job, but here are 5 things NOT to do if you have a home business: 

  1. If you want your friend to be hostess – ask once and then drop it. Not everyone wants to have their contact list emailed out for a home shopping party. It just may not be their thing.

  2. If your friend agrees to host a party DO NOT become an overbearing salesperson that tries to close each and every sale with her friends. I vividly remember one party where one of my friends felt awful she couldn’t go on autopay for an $150 monthly skin regime. Let your product do the talking and remember these are your friend’s friend – treat accordingly.

  3. If you decide to use your social media to flood your feed with deals and product endorsements, that is your right, but don’t be shocked your son’s first roller coaster ride has gone unnoticed because folks have “unfollowed you” to avoid daily adverts from your home business. Trust me, people have done this to you.

  4. Try NOT to monopolize all your conversations about your great home business and how you can’t understand why your friend isn’t jumping on the wagon. Yes, many home businesses are great opportunities, but if your friend was interested in selling said product she would tell you.

  5. I am thrilled you love your products, but refrain from telling your friend everything that is wrong with their current products. I have heard it all – chemicals in my lip gloss (thank you very much I will continue using my Buxom lip balm ), my candles don’t burn clean (I will continue lighting up my Tyler French Market candle in peace and my skin could get cleaner (probably true but my $9.99 face soap and I have a long term relationship).

If you are home business mom, good for you. It isn’t easy selling products to friends, family and complete strangers.

Believe in what you are selling and others will believe in you too!