5 MUST HAVE baby items (that you probably have not heard about)


baby items2My brother and his wife are expecting twins any day now. As my family impatiently waits for the second set of twins to be born in my family, I started thinking about those must have baby items that no one tells you about before you have a baby. To help jog my memory, I asked a bunch of twin and triplet moms for their input, too {talk about moms who have seen it ALL!}.

My question to the moms…

What are your MUST HAVE baby items (that no one knows about)?

Here is the list they helped me put together:

1) Podee Feeding System – podee2The Podee Bottle is a baby bottle that helps the baby feed itself at their own pace from a nipple attached to a flexible straw. It was such a life saver for us! I could feed both babies easily at the same time. Since they essentially suck the formula or breast milk through a straw to a separate nipple, the baby sets the flow, and we had less reflux and upset tummies. Brilliant!

2) C-Mama Healing Salve – Every mother should have this handy in their first aid drawer. It was originally designed for c-section moms to help with the scars, but we found it to be a miracle salve on the scrapes and scratches that kids get from time to time. We have had some unfortunate cuts by the eyes, on chins, and on noses and (thanks to this salve) there are no visible scars. Even old scars that are still red disappear like magic.

podee3) Bag Balm Ointment – We still use Bag Balm on our almost nine year olds! It is great for the dry, cracked skin that babies and older kids get in the winter months. We also found that it was the only thing that could help with the red, scratchy noses the kiddos get during cold season. Buy one for the house and one for the diaper bag.

4) Gripe Water or Colic Calm – All of my babies got tummy aches from time to time. It would seem like there was nothing I could do to relieve the pain. Gripe Water and Colic Calm both work amazingly well at calming my babies down and letting everyone get some much needed sleep.

5) Sound Machine and music box – Both of these were so important for our bedtime routine. We would play the same white noise and the same lullaby from a music box EVERY SINGLE bed time. Then when we traveled, we packed up the machine and music box too. By keeping the same routine, the babies would recognize this easy cue that is was bedtime, even when we were in a hotel room or an unfamiliar house.

If you want to go beyond the must haves and are looking instead for an unexpected present for new parents, buy them a couple of board games, crossword books and a few fun movies. When you have a new baby at home, you end up spending a ton of time at home – especially during those early months, when you are trying to keep a consistent schedule, and during RSV season. It is such an unexpected pleasure for new parents to have something fun to do at home to pass the time between night feedings and changing diapers!

Do you have a MUST HAVE baby item that no one has heard about? PLEASE share below!!



  1. We still use Bag Balm as well! I have also used Hyland’s Gripe Water and Teething tablets. I wish they had a hands-free bottle when I had my babies a decade ago, but I still enjoyed holding them. Time goes by so fast 🙂

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