3 (Local) Online Resources to Check Out This Summer


Scottsdale Mom’s Blog is a big fan of online communities. It is understandable that the internet is often where you look first for information—but it can be tough to whittle down what is actually useful. Here are three local online resources that are hopefully handy this summer.

Local Resources

  • Scottsdale Public Library. I am a big reader—but those days of loading up a tote full of books, and casually reading them over a weekend are over now that I have a kid. I need things to be as easy as possible. The library recently made some updates to their website, and it seems much easier to navigate (to me, at least). I use it to keep a list of books I want to read at-the-ready, and when I have some time I can quickly look at what is available. From the site, you can put a few books on hold and travel to the library to pick them up, or you can download electronic books in a few different formats. I find the Overdrive Kindle books easy and accessible. The library is also a great resource for kid events (storytelling, etc.) and other things the whole family can participate in. If you haven’t checked out the Culture Pass yet, I highly recommend it! Library cardholders are able to check out a “pass” that lets two people into a participating museum for free. It is an excellent way to be a tourist in your own city, and offers some great places to get out of the heat!

Scottsdale Park

  • NextDoor.  If you haven’t heard of NextDoor, you are missing out. It is basically a social network, but only for you and your neighbors. Every person that joins has to verify their address and real name, which ensures that you can communicate with your neighbors safely. It is great for posting classifieds, finding local trade workers, swapping information on crime or safety issues, and supporting local events. You can choose to get alerts or emails daily—or you can check in every once and a while, but it’s a great tool either way. I recently found a dog in my front yard with no tags. I posted on the community board, and the owner was able to claim him before I had to post anywhere else (or drive the dog to check for a chip). The website also recently added communication with City of Scottsdale divisions—where they leave tips and local information, and are available to respond to questions and concerns.

City of Scottsdale Sign

  • City of Scottsdale.   If you don’t visit this site very often, I don’t blame you, as it is a little tough to navigate but definitely keep it in mind. After saving for almost two years, my husband and I recently had our front yard landscaped. By doing a little research we were able to utilize the turf removal rebate the city offers and save quite a bit.  It was an easy process (a form, some photos, and someone coming out and measuring) and the money ends up as a credit to your utility bill (which will be helpful in the upcoming summer months). The website also offers a ton of other stuff—like the myScottsdale app that helps you submit pictures of broken street lights, problem areas, graffiti, etc. to clean up our neighborhoods. You can volunteer for various programs or plan a block party that the City helps with by providing items you can check out. You can also sign up for affordable recreation classes. Lots of local tips and tricks for you, and something you should definitely take advantage of!

Do you have any other online resources you think should make the list? Comment below! I know a lot of people swear by local Facebook Groups or swip/swap sites. And of course, we want you to continue utilizing SMB as a resource any time you need us!