3-in-1 Multifunctional Maternity Pillow Product Review


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I recently received the Candide Baby Group Multi-Relax 3-in-1 Multi-functional Maternity Pillow in Taupe to test out at home. All opinions here are my own. 

We know babies come with a lot of gear, and this pillow helps cut down on some of that by being multi-functional. It starts as a maternity pillow to help with support while sleeping or resting. It then can graduate to a nursing pillow to help ease the back pain from hunching over to feed your baby, and then can be used as a support pillow for baby to sit in – there is even a “security nest” attached in a pocket that snap the baby in to prevent him/her from slipping.

My first thoughts—great color! While I love a good print, I know from experience that this thing lives EVERYWHERE in the house, so it’s nice to have a color that blends in with the couch and kind of disappears when you don’t need it. Also, easy to spot clean!

Pillow Review 1

As a maternity pillow—fantastic! It’s more bean-bag-esque than a pillow, which provided a lot of support. I’m not very big yet, so time will tell if it stays just as supportive. As for the shape, it does take some finagling to get it in just the right spot, but once you have it, it’s great!

As a baby support pillow—perfect! I sent this over to my in-law’s house for my newest niece to try. She sits high up in it, and can see everything going on around her, which she loves. The “pants” are a bit too big for her, but she still stays put, and is perfectly content.

Pillow review 2

I did not get to use this as a nursing pillow, but I see how it would work out well when nursing. I really enjoyed my few weeks so far with the product, and can’t wait to use it when Baby #2 comes!

Thanks to Candide for letting me try out the product and supporting Scottsdale Moms Blog!