Nuna’s Zaaz High Chair = Smart Design


This post is sponsored by Nuna.

We have our next indoor play date on June 7th and we are more than excited to have the opportunity to give one of you the Nuna Zaaz, which retails for $250. Why would a high chair cost $250 you ask?  Well, this high chair isn’t just for baby, it truly does grow up with your child.


I don’t know how your table experiences went but my son never took to his high chair.  I can only explain it as a confining experience for both of us.  The high chair we had was quickly used and put away and soon our lap became the high chair and our food became his.  At first I didn’t have much of an issue with this because at least he was eating at the table.  It didn’t take very long before this became such a hassle for everyone in the family and probably a habit I didn’t mean to start.  I feel like I sometimes do things that appear harmless at first but then they become an annoying habit that I can’t seem to break.

When Nuna offered to send me a product to try out, I said Zaaz please!  When the box came to the door, my son was excited and wanted me to open it.  I had seen things come in the mail before and I was pretty sure this was going to be a job for dad to put together.  But my son was not letting up, he wanted that thing opened, like NOW.  To my surprise, it took two clicks and the chair was together.  Modern, sleek, perfect in every way.  My son eyed it at first, unsure if this would be as confining of an experience as the previous chair.  It didn’t take long before our laps were no longer his spot at the table.  He finally had a chair that fit his style of freedom.


I really do like everything about this chair.  It’s comfortable and has a cushion, it adjusts to their size and height easily, it’s super simple to clean but what I like the most is that it doesn’t resemble a high chair to me.  It fits the style of our furniture and it goes perfectly with our table.  Not that I’m against our other elephant patterned – could never get clean – high chair.  I can just understand why it’s been sitting in storage for the last year and will probably never be used again.

There really is no going back from quality and style.  So please understand that once you buy one of these products and try them out, there is no going back.  You should also check out the Leaf, watch the video here because if you have a baby, you should have one of these.  Nuna also has the Sena, Pepp and coming soon the Pipa.

When you come to our play date, you’ll get a chance to try out the Zazz and one of our guests at the play date will win this baby!  Registration for the event is here – tickets are limited so you don’t want to wait until the last minute and miss out.

Thanks again Nuna for sponsoring this post and for allowing us to share your products with our local mamas.

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Diana Brandt
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