Koko Bee’s Playhouse| Playgroup Recap


North Central Parenting Group was kind enough to host the fabulous mamas of SMB at Koko Bee’s Playhouse and they treated us to lunch from Rosati’s Pizza! They went above the kindness radar. I loved meeting new moms from NCPG, exchanging stories of our lives, and laughing at the same issues each home is having simultaneously.

Koko Bee’s Indoor Playhouse is hostess to:

They even accept dropping off children on a moment’s notice! Read more about the rules of drop-off’s here.

My favorite things about Koko Bee’s:

  • There was quite the assortment of toys to play with.
  • All from bouncy houses to playing dress up to working on construction to ride-on trains.
  • Snack station
  • Multiple learning stations and themed rooms.
  • A resale shop filled with toys, books, clothes and shoes.


Just in time for the most wonderful time of year, Koko Bee’s is hosting a Christmas Party! The party will be held Tuesday, December 20. From 5:30-7:30, you and your kid(s) can enjoy treats, crafts, and Santa! Bring your own camera to say cheese to! RSVP in advance since this event will be limited.

On a personal note…Sometimes I get anxious thinking about my two year old to a public place without my husband who is great at helping me wrangle our child! Reason being, I’d rather deal with the spontaneous tantrums in the comfort of my home. At Koko Bee’s, my sweet and spunky two years old did just that at the thought of another child riding on the amazing train he fell in love with! Despite my cautious side, I am happy I faced my fear at Koko Bee’s. There was a short walk to the exit where I could calmly talk to him. Pulled away from the children and wonderful toys, he quickly settled down. Some play time for Carter and some talk time with my new & old friends for me! I loved meeting all the women from North Central Parenting Group. They were so kind as to give all the kids bubbles to take home!

Thanks Koko Bee’s for the super fun morning and NCPG for the company and thoughtful parting gift!