Kallie Burkett

Kallie is a corporate event coordinator turned stay-at-home mom. Her life is just as busy now, however, coordinating the everyday events of motherhood. If she's not taking her kiddos to a playdate, she can be found hiking, volunteering at her church, or spending time with her hubby, Ryan. She has two children: Justice, an outgoing energetic toddler, and Lincoln, his baby brother.

Hosting Holiday Parties Even Though My Home Isn’t Pinterest-Perfect

I recently had hired a babysitter who babysits for several of my friends. As I was showing her around the first time she came into my home, she said, "You know, most of the...

Connecting in our Vulnerability

I think one of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone is a potted plant. But I've learned that potted plants are more difficult to keep alive than they look, and after lamenting...

The Day I Wanted to Quit Being a Mom

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5 ways I stopped taking myself so seriously, and became a happier mom

Like many of you, before becoming a mom I was a part of corporate America. A place where nearly everything you do is scrutinized. Every "I" is dotted and every "T" is crossed. It...

Hello my name is: The mom whose child hits others

I see you across the playground. You look over and smile. Our kids are similar ages, and shoot, we might just have a chance of exchanging small talk and becoming friends. But you see......

Making Mom Friends (And Why It’s A Lot Like Dating)

Note: We would like to introduce you to another new contributor, Kallie! She is a loving mom to two young boys and we can't wait for you to read more about her life as...