Elizabeth is a native Phoenician who hates the heat, but loves the community. After teaching for ten years, she became a stay at home mother after the arrival of her first child. She has two sons, Nolan and Arlo. She has a passion for storytelling through photography which lead her to start her own business, Cactus Fox Photography. At 19 she set a goal of visiting all 50 states and has only two left to meet that goal - Hawaii and Alaska. She has also visited 12 countries. She is fascinated by true crime and astrology. You may find her about town looking for the next best burrito or browsing the aisles of Target.
baby blues

Beyond Baby Blues: When is it Something More Serious

This is the first time I’ve admitted I had postpartum anxiety or depression. To be honest, it took having my second child to realize that what I was feeling after my first was born...