What’s In My Bag: Kids Travel Bag


It’s spring break time!! I am excited for spring break and we as a family are going nowhere. I know so many families are escaping for a long trip though so I thought that I would share what’s in my kids’ travel bag. I have been able to keep this bag consistent with what is in there for about a year. My kids currently are two and four, so it could reach a good range of ideas for some littles. I will also share a few other ideas that I stash away in a closet to help change things up and that are more age appropriate.

The Bag- My daughter carries the bag, it’s a small owl backpack that we got on Amazon.

Poppers- This is a popular activity for kids right now, personally I do think it’s only a distraction for a few minutes but it’s easy to pack and something a baby can chew on if teething.

Mini Search and Find- LOVE these books. They make them big and small. It’s a modern-day Waldo search book. We have a mini mouse one that has different scenes and hidden pictures.

Mini Maker tube- This is a new one we tried this last trip. IT WAS A HIT. They are mini-interlocking puzzle blocks that come in a tube. My daughter constructed all sorts of things. As a bonus… they take just as long to take apart as making! Great time killer.

Playdough- I always carry playdough in my diaper bag as well as the travel bag. It is endless fun, not too messy, and a fun activity on a plane or at a restaurant.

Crayons and sticky notes- Crayons are always useful and can be packed easy. Even if you only have room for two colors. Sticky notes are a new thing to color on and they can stick it around the plane.

Cars/trucks- Easy for boys of all ages!

Polly Pocket- Remember these old school toys that we played with as a kid? They still make them, and my daughter loves them. They are tiny and can fit in most bags!

Magnetic dolls- We have this little tin box (very skinny) that when opened has 4 dolls and numerous outfits you can dress them up in. My daughter also loves this!

Here are some other ideas of things I used in the past:

  • Little farm animals
  • Magnets
  • Gel window clings
  • Suction toys (bath toys are great)
  • Fruit loops on a string (good time killer to help with takeoff and landing)
  • Coloring pages
  • Sandwich bag of small Legos
  • Small figurines
  • Suction spinners for babies
  • Sparkling water

FYI- I ALWAYS have a candy stash for emergency break downs. Lolli pops, suckers, skittles, and M&M’s. Stash away kids holiday candy for situations like that.

What are the must-haves in your kids’ travel bag? Share your favorites in the comments.