The Importance of Reading: Jacqueline with Jacque’s Book Nook

A very special thank you to our Bloom Sponsor, Jacqueline with Jacque's Book Nook! 

At our recent Bloom event, Jacqueline walked us through a wonderful discussion on why reading to our children is so important! Reading books together connects parents and children through adventure and shared experiences. Setting aside a little time every night is a gift to our children that will develop our relationship with them in a very special way.

Books also give us the opportunity to show our children all Five Languages of Love in a special way. 

  • physical touch – snuggling when you read together
  • quality time – time focused on just your child
  • words of affirmation – encouragement as you spend time together and as they lean to read
  • acts of service – showing them the importance of doing things for others
  • gift – the gift of literacy

Click here to listen to Jacque’s Bloom Presentation. 


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