Give Garden – Kids Cooking Box and a Fun Way to Give Back


Recently I took my daughter to the farmers market in Peoria. If you haven’t been, its pretty fun. While there we found a booth where kids could ride a stationary bike that powered a blender, making frozen strawberry lemonade. Of course we had to try it. We stuck around to find out more about Give Garden.

Their mission is to teach kids about cooking and healthy food, but also they donate 15% of the subscription price to a charity of your choice. They give you about 10 charities to choose from. They have three subscription levels to choose from ranging from 19.99 to 39.99 a month and each recipe box is centered around use of a fruit or veggie. 

We signed up for the station chef membership and waited for our first box to arrive. You get emails the week of and morning of so you are able to anticipate when the box will come and be on the look out. Boxes come with insulation to keep appropriate temperatures. If there is anything special that you need at home to complete the box, the morning email will let you know. 

Our first box was Orange Chicken. This comes as a complete meal for a family of 4. My daughter loves orange chicken and was so excited to try it. My daughter is six and loves to help in the kitchen. She was able to help me with each step and the recipe card tells you at each step where an adult needs to help. This was helpful for me, because my kiddo wants to do it all! Seeing the instructions tell her that some of the job was mine was helpful. 

My husband is a huge eater, so the box wasn’t quite enough for the four of us, but definitely was when I added some Trader Joes egg rolls on the side. Everything tasted great and my daughter was so proud of herself. 

The next month we got our email and I was disappointed to see that the subscription I chose was the every other month recipe/gadget. If you want monthly cooking without the gadgets be sure to choose the Sous Chef subscriptions. I promptly switched to this. There is no gadget included, but honestly, we have enough gadgets!

Customer Service has been great to work with and is open to suggestions. I love the idea behind the company and that they are actively giving back to our community. This is also a local company so you are also supporting our local economy and local business. 

I am excited to see my next box. And just FYI this is not a sponsored post, I am a paying subscriber and just wanted to share a way to help teach your kiddo to cook while having fun!


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