How to see the world with a friend {Mommy Play date Series}

Play dates with kids are fun and all, but sometimes you need to get out with just your girlfriends! We started this play date series as a way to explore Scottsdale with our children (Gateway Trail head, Butterfly Wonderland, Civic Center Library) and have now expanded into “Moms Only” play dates (morning out). We highly suggest you try it! Looking for inspiration? How about seeing the world, right here in our city…..mommy play date
From Renee:

I was bit by the travel bug decades ago, but life with my littles has slowed my long distance travel down. In this stage of life, I live vicariously through others, reading travel books and blogs and sharing some of my international favorites for a walk down memory lane. Kate and I decided to make a morning of seeing the world through browsing shops and restaurants at the Biltmore Fashion Park. 

Kate is the best. She lets me indulge my love of storytelling and listens intently while I share favorite memories and create new ones with her. 

Having never been to the Biltmore Fashion Park before, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a wide array of culture and reason to escape for a couple hours. As a mom, time is precious. But so is spending some time with a dear friend and exploring some of your passions. 

Don’t you love how one thing can lead to another? I see a suitcase, I think of rolling it down the cobblestone streets in Florence. I see a swimsuit, I think about the last time I laid out next to the Pacific. Just like our conversation, we got lost as we wandered from one end of the mall to the next sharing stories. Never enough time to try things on, the art of window shopping saved our wallets for another day and we headed home without any bags, but completed conversations that actually made it full circle.

From Kate:

Renee always has these fun ideas! She is my friend that is all about traveling and culture and fun outings. I love how different friends can really fulfill different parts of your life. Renee is always great at getting me out and about. After a morning with her, I feel listened to and refreshed.

We attended a Mom’s Night Out at the Biltmore Fashion Park and it was so wonderful! We kept seeing shops that we wanted to wander into, so we decided to make a morning out of it a few weeks later! When Renee picked me up, she explained that we were going on a European vacation that morning. We started at the Crepe Club. Oh my. They had fresh squeezed orange juice, savory and dessert crepes, and a dreamy atmosphere. It was perfect for catching up with each other.

We wandered into Jo London and had a wonderful chat with their staff about their perfumes, London, and how they come up with truly unique signature fragrances and gifts. 
I had never realized how many European shops were represented in the wonderful space at Biltmore Fashion Park. I loved my mini-vacay and hope to do it again soon!


  1. I love this idea. It’s amazing how much can be right in our vicinity but if we’re not used to thinking of places for ourselves we can often overlook or just not even realize. Very fun.


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