Cupcakes & Crafting


cupcakes-craftingWe recently had a holiday party to thank and celebrate our Scottsdale Moms Blog writers. They are the voices behind our blog and every month they are sharing their lives with us. Sometimes they make us laugh out loud, sometimes they make us feel less alone, and sometimes they just share a new favorite recipe. Every one of our writers brings something interesting and unique to the table and we hope you enjoy reading their work as much as we do!

In order to celebrate the holidays, we had a wonderful party at Pinspiration for some cupcakes and crafting. I’m sure that it is no secret that all of us at SMB are HUGE fans of all things Pinspiration, they are located on High Street in City North and have a great selection of crafts to choose from and create.

Wine? check.
Time spent with friends? check.
Feeling like a Pinterest queen for the night? Check!


You don’t have to be crafty to come to Pinspiration. They have all of the supplies you would need and step by step instructions to guide you through your craft of choice. Check out their website to see some of the workshops they offer (one of these says I am going to make it to a calligraphy one!) and they have some great camps for the kids (drop them of for holiday gift making while you finish shopping!).


We also had some delicious cupcakes provided by Layla Bean Cakery. They made us their festive peppermint mocha cupcakes and they did not disappoint! All of their confections are made from scratch and are beautifully presented. The next time you need a custom cake or cupcakes (skip the holiday baking and let them do it for you!) give them a call and see what they can do. Follow them on Instagram to see some of their wonderful tasting creations.


Thank you so much to our wonderful contributors and, of course, to Pinspiration & Layla Bean Cakery for providing us with such a fun evening to celebrate!


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