Bus Stop Etiquette for Your Dog


The time for early mornings and bus stops are upon us.

Snuggling in bed is exchanged for huddling at the bus stop with the neighborhood kids. Of course, the family dog wants to be a part of the great daily send off to school. As we already know, most dogs actually hate it when the kids go back to school, so this gives them just a little bit more time with their favorite pals before they are gone for the day.  Plus, it is a great time for them to get outside and get a little fresh air; go potty and check their “Pee-Mail” at the mailbox.  But there are some guidelines you should follow when bringing your dog to the bus stop.



  1. Make sure to bring your leash: Even if the stop is just across the street from your house, a leash is a must to keep your pet safely by your side.
  2. Keep the leash tight by your side, safely away from the children and cars: It only takes a moment for your lovable fur-kid to run out in the road or jump on a friend and knock them over.  It’s best to keep your leash tight for everyone’s wellbeing.
  3. No Barking: Barking may not bother you, your children or even their best friends who are close with your pet, but not everyone at the bus stop will agree. There will probably be other neighborhood kids that might be scared or apprehensive around dogs. Play it safe and keep the barking to an absolute minimum.
  4. Scoop the poo! This one is pretty much dog etiquette 101 and should still be required at the bus stop. Even if it’s at your own mailbox, you want to make sure to scoop, that way all those fancy new back to school shoes are out of harm’s way.

Following these simple tips for bus stop etiquette will make sure that everyone will have a great morning before school. Back to school can be pretty stressful for everyone, with rushed mornings, assignments due, and everything else that goes on in a preparing for the day, it can be pretty hectic. As you collectively sigh with relief when you make it to the bus stop on time with a moment to rest, you want to make sure to keep the bus stop a happy and calm place for all.


Bella Vasta is a wife to Alex and a mommy to Olivia Grace who was born at only 12oz and thriving today!  She lives in Scottsdale with her husband, daughter, and fur kid Rocco. She is the Pack Leader for Bella’s House & Pet Sitting {www.bellashouseandpets.com}, where they have been helping pet parents have the peace of mind when they work long hours or travel by visiting their homes to walk, play, and sleep with the pets since 2003! Any pet related questions or knowledge, Bella would love to hear from you! {Premie Mom questions too!}