Tear Ducts


It is well-known that motherhood brings many changes to a woman’s body,
but no one warns us about this one.

tear ducts

I used to have normal-sized tear ducts;

They were secure and more easily managed.

 Then motherhood came

and they got rearranged.

I choose “Expanded” over “Forever Damaged”.


See, my heart walks outside of my body.

Well, really it scoots on the floor…

But one day he’ll walk,

and then when he talks,

I pray his tongue honors the Lord.


It’s true – they said it would happen:

I find I’m in love with two guys…

One’s tall when he stands;

His ring’s on my hand.

The other I carried inside.


On nights like tonight in the quiet

With the baby asleep on my chest,

We’re rocking and rocking

and no one is talking

but my tear ducts are saying it best.



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