Closet SOS: How Do You Organize Small Spaces?


Mommy SOS LogoDISCLAIMER: I’m not a messy person. I mean, not REALLY messy. I actually can’t stand clutter. I’m also a purger. I don’t hold onto things for too long and definitely don’t hoard. I try to make sure we toss or give-away items when we bring new items into our home.

Disclaimers aside, my closet is a disaster 85% of the time.   My afternoon clean sweep of the house always means I end up tossing things that need to be dealt with later to the floor of my closet.   It really has a life of it’s own.  Thankfully my husband and I have separate closets and I can conveniently keep my door shut, to avoid any disapproving glances.  When I start to get down on myself about it, I usually replay this scene in my mind and it ALWAYS makes me feel better:

But this year I want to get better. I want to be better at maintaining my closet space. I find that when it IS organized I have more fun getting ready and selecting clothes and don’t have to dig for my missing shoe under a pile of quasi-clean clothes.  I know that what I’m really lacking in is routines and habits that foster organization.  I know that I will always do an afternoon sweep and throw things in my closet at some point, but I’d love to add some habits that help me manage the beast before it gets out of control.  This is where you come in. 


I need SIMPLE routines that I can incorporate into my life to maintain my closet.  I’m not looking for a magic formula, but it can’t be over-complex because I know me, and I won’t do it consistently.  Friends, please share your wisdom! 


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