Pinterest inspired Halloween dinner


Scottsdale Moms Blog presents a new series: “Pinterest Tried & True!” Join us this week as our contributors share which great ideas from Pinterest really worked for them. We’ll be talking about food, fashion, home decor, crafts, and boredom busters for kids!

I'm pretty sure I am not just speaking for myself when I say that Pinterest is amazing and the root of all evil, at the same time. It gives us all such a great place to go and see inspiring projects/food/crafts done by talented people. It also sometimes makes me feel like poop when I see how other people can turn an ordinary thing in to something incredible, and I didn't even think of it! Alas, here is where Pinterest was awesome and made me so happy it exists. Halloween cooking club… Not exactly an easy theme for a cooking club but Pinterest came to the rescue with some adorable ideas. Here are some of the fun Halloween dishes we prepared based off the inspiration from our frienemy Pinterest:

Mummified potato skins. These were so good, easy, and cute.

Mummy wrapped meatloaf. Such a hit. I can only imagine how much kids would love this dish too!


Monster eyed deviled eggs. These made to be a pretty cute little appetizer. The pupil is simply a black olive sliced in half.


And of course you cannot have a cooking club without some sort of dessert {I think its in the official rule book;) }. These Graveyard brownies were amazing. The headstones were Milano cookies, love it!


So tell me, have you made anything off of Pinterest and been pleasantly surprised? Isn't it the best when you are totally lacking creativity and then you find exactly what you were hoping for there?!



  1. Wow this is awesome! I once tried the home made lava lamp and a gel ziplock bag for toddlers to do figures, etc with their fingers and it was fun! But nothing like really special. This posting is encouraging me to try more things from Pinterest and suggest them to my nannies and friends.

    Thanks again!


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