Second Babies: Baby shower, Sprinkle, Sip-n-see, or nothing?


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No, no, I am not pregnant…but I do have about a million girlfriends that are. Most with their first, but some with their second! While thinking about second babies a lot lately, I have come to wonder – what do most people think is the right thing to do for second babies {or third, fourth, etc.} Do you have another full blown baby shower? A simple little sprinkle? Maybe even a sip-n-see once that baby is here? Or do you do nothing, since it is not your first time around the block?

What are all these things I am talking about? Lets break them down:

Baby shower: duh. You have a full registry of any and all items you think baby is going to need. It’s usually a decent amount of people invited, and there’s sometimes a baby game included.

Sprinkle: This is still a gathering of friends and family, but there is usually not a registry. It is simply a time to get together and celebrate the upcoming babe, and some people bring gifts that are more necessities. {example: diapers, baby wash, wipes, etc.}

Sip-n-see: This fun gathering happens once the baby is here. Its a great way for everyone to meet the new little bundle, and for the mama to have some quality girlfriend time. Gifts are definitely not expected here, but some do still bring a little something.

So – here’s my question: As someone invited to something like this, what are your thoughts? Are  you annoyed when people do any sort of shower for a second or third child? Or do you think that each baby {no matter what number it is} should be celebrated with some sort of event?


  1. I’ve struggled with this as a mom of 3, when people have offered to throw a baby shower for each baby. At first I was hesitant to have a baby shower with each, but it turns out there are always things you need new with each baby. For example, you may have all the gear you need after the first, but what if baby #2 is the opposite gender, you need clothes at the very least or even a double stroller if the kids are close in age. By my third I needed quite a few things that just didn’t hold up- like a new breast pump and a better baby carrier since I was also chasing after two toddlers. My infant carseat has made it through 4 babies before expiring but expires in December of this year, so if/when we have another baby we’ll need a new infant carseat. Aside from the few things you need with more kiddos I think every baby deserves to be loved on and celebrated and should get a few items that are just for them- a few new outfits that aren’t hand-me-downs, a special lovie or blanket that is theirs. The benefit of a shower after multiple children is the mom to be really knows what they need and everyone can chip in on what is needed if they just know what they need. Lets face it, people like shopping for babies but when there isn’t a shower and a specified need you can end up with a bunch of little things you really don’t need. I personally LOVE when people have a shower for each new addition. It really makes me sad when people choose NOT to celebrate each new life, just because they were born second, third, or fourth doesn’t mean they should be celebrated any less. 🙂
    Great post Adrianne, this conversation has come up a lot lately between some of my friends.

  2. I think every baby deserves to be celebrated. I’m pregnant with my second and this time we’re having a girl. I’ve felt some weirdness from a friend about having a shower, but when one of my besties offered to throw me a shower I couldn’t refuse. There are still some necessities that I will need (not to mention PINK clothes!) and I figure if people are offended by a second shower that they don’t have to come. I love the idea of a Sprinkle thought – hadn’t heard of that one!

  3. I am currently prego with #2 & will not be having a full-blown baby shower. I like the idea of a sip-&-see as a way to actually celebrate the BABY as opposed to a shower which just seems like a way to receive a lot of “stuff.”

  4. My first child had a shower, of course. Unfortunately, she was stillborn at term, so I had a prepared nursery and no baby. For my second baby, I didn’t want to celebrate too much until she arrived, so we had a sip and see at two months. For my third baby, we hosted a gender reveal party the week before he was born. It was really fun for everyone given the months of speculation. Some of my friends (who have more time than I have) shopped for a boy and girl, and gave me the appropriate gender gift and returned the other. After the first child, it wasn’t about the gifts, it was about celebrating the new arrival.

  5. I like the idea of the sip-n-see. I have never heard of one of those before!

    I don’t like the idea of multiple showers, I feel like showers are to help a new mother get started and ease the transition into motherhood. After that you’re on your own to fill in the gaps for your 2nd kid. But, every time I get invited to a 2nd baby shower I attend and bring a gift anyways.

    Then again, I am from Utah, if we did a baby shower for all the ladies popping out babies around here I would broke and busy.

  6. Definitely celebrated! It isn’t about the gift, or a formal affair, it is about celebrating the mama and her newest adventure. Just because it’s not their first time entering into motherhood, that doesn’t mean that they are not excited, anxious, nervous, thrilled, and that they don’t need a couple of little things here or there (maybe not any big things, but diapers, etc.) so it should not be faux pas to celebrate! A girls luncheon, a sprinkle, a sip n see….whatever! It is all fun and shouldn’t be such a controversy 😉 it’s not about the gift…it is about the celebration.

    (side note — i do think it is a little silly when people have full-on registries and invite 100 people to their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th baby shower…that does seem a tad bit . . . . inflated, but it’s still a celebration of a new life, so I can overlook it 😉 )


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