Contributor Tracy’s Farewell to Scottsdale (and SMB)… sniff, sniff


I met a new friend today.  She is a mom in my son’s Kindergarten class and we volunteered on a project together.  We chatted for a while talking about raising boys and whether or not her son was signed up for t-ball this spring.  She even gave me a recommendation for a new restaurant with a great wine bar.  A win/win on all dimensions of a relationship! It was fun getting to know someone new and yet strange as well.  You see she doesn’t know me, and is in fact a very new friend, because while I have been volunteering in Owen’s Kindergarten class since the first day of school, this time I am doing it from San Diego, California in a new classroom with new moms and a whole lot of new everywhere.



On December 7th, My Husband was offered a job here in southern California.  The moving truck came on January 4th.  So in the midst of holiday joy and celebration we managed (albeit tearfully) to say goodbye in the fastest way I have ever known in my 32 years.  Transition is never easy even when something you have prayed and waited for is on the other end.  It was obviously bittersweet.
We came to Arizona nine years ago as Newlyweds, having only been married 16 months.  We bought our first home, brought our babies home there and made lasting memories with our church family who had become true family to us.  I did my graduate work and became a licensed counselor, I saw my work as a therapist grow (even though it was hard for me to go back to work) and give me the privilege to become a trusted source of truth in the eyes of many.  Arizona gave us first days of preschool and Kindergarten and the joy of play dates and friends for Mommy and Daddy as well as kiddos alike.

In many ways, I did my growing up in Arizona.  These last 9 years were some of the most maturing and fulfilling and I journeyed through it with many of you.  I learned what I really love about myself like this and this and those areas in which I still want to mature.  I made friends through the Scottsdale Moms Blog Network that were unexpected and became such a blessing to me. We found our oasis in the desert and we found home. And in the blink of an eye we have already begun to start that process all over again.


As Moms we know that transition is inevitable, you don’t have to make a major move to know that to be true.  We find ourselves putting away the 3-6 month clothes just as soon as we took them out, and our firstborns who bestowed upon us the first time title of “Mother” suddenly call us just “Mom” and ask to sleep over at a friends house after the high school football game.  We are constantly in transition.  IMG_2211


What has made the transition in my life bearable are the relationships that carried me from one season to the next.  Of course there are Mama’s here in San Diego that have the potential of becoming sweet friends but that will take time.

In the meantime I look back with fondness and gratitude for you.  For the community you have given me, the opportunity to share my heart, and the privilege to occasionally speak into your lives.  


One thing that stands out to me the most from my involvement in Scottsdale Moms Blog is that we as mothers need each other.  We need community and to be reminded that we are all in this together.  I have made friends with women that have their babies in unconventional ways and feed their children different foods and raise their kids with different perspectives but the one thing that we all share is the awesome responsibility of raising little people and we can’t do that alone.


It was a joy to do life with many of you for the last few years on this website and with many of you in real life for the last nine.  Thank you, I am already missing you.  May the power of your story and the impact it could have on those around you encourage you as you navigate the goldfish crackers and sippy cups, this day and throughout the years to come.


Until we meet again…


SMB Contributor Tracy


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  1. a “trusted source of truth” hmm that is exactly the way I would describe our “relationship”. Thank you, not only for being that to me and many others but allowing God to work through you in a mighty way. I miss you already.


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