Moms Don’t Get Sick Days


sick-momIt’s rampant right now. It seems that the Valley’s lovely winter cold front brought some mighty germs with it. Every third facebook post and half my twitter feed are friends posting about sickness. I love my friends – and my readers {you know, you!} but every time I hear a mom post about being sick I secretly cross my fingers, shake my big booty and PRAY that I stay healthy.

Well, that worked all of 3 weeks. I am officially sick – with my 5th round of strep in 6 months. Yes, you read that right. I’ve had strep 5 times since the beginning of August. Now before my very kind and thoughtful naturalpathic friends start spouting all the ways to kill strep without antibiotics, let me say that I’ve tried. them. all. I googled and researched each and every possible cure for strep and none have worked. So this week finds me at the ENT scheduling to have my tonsils out. Yay me.

But back to what this post is really about. It’s us; moms. We don’t get sick days. And while there’s a part of every fiber of my being that would love to have my mom come to my rescue {yes, at 32 I openly admit I still want my mommy}, take the kids and make everything all better, she has a job and therefore cannot. So I find myself being sick and mom to four little rascals, the worst of all possible combinations.

Yet this time I find myself stepping back and resting in the fact while this will really suck, it is not forever.

I am fully expecting my house to be destroyed…ok, decimated, laundry to be ignored, appointments to be cancelled, dinner to be from the microwave, homework to not be checked, diapers to be ignored and for the first time, I am ok with that. With every fiber of my being I want to control and exhaust myself so the above list isn’t so. But it just isn’t realistic and I’m {finally} ok with that.

Here is my promise {and challenge} to you, while my kids will watch way to much tv in the next few days I will not feel guilty. While lunches and dinners will most likely be something from the freezer, I will not feel guilty. While my kitchen, family room, living room, play room and bedroom floors will be covered end to end, I will not feel guilty. While my husband will return from work each day to an unbelievable mess, I will not feel guilty.

Because the best thing I can do for my kids is get better. And that requires me to let go of the things less important.


For a humorous post on Moms and sick days, check out this favorite of mine. A warning though – you should probably pee before reading it.



  1. Call me if you want a break with the kids, I could load up a few carseats and bring them to my house for a few hours to let you rest in peace. Please let me know when! Praying for you!

  2. so sorry you have been sick so much! strep is so yucky!! I totally hear you on the mom thing. I was sick last week and wanted my mom to come take over my life. She, too, works, and lovingly told me she could come at bedtime. Stinks and guilt abounds but it does pass. Thankful for that! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I can relate…I have been getting sick alot lately too, and will probably need my tonsils removed as well. ๐Ÿ™
    So hard for us moms to be sick!


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