Meet Heather, Jessica, Kelly and Melissa: The Newest SMB Contributors!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! These four lovely local moms will be blogging for Scottsdale Moms Blog beginning in October. Here’s a little insight into who they are and what you can expect from them on the blog.

{Before we meet the new ladies, a quick moment to wish our two most-pregnant contributors well as they take time off to prepare for babies. Beth Wand and Kirsten Dunlap will both welcome new babies in October, and will be taking some time off from blogging. We’ll keep you posted with the news of their little arrivals!}

And now…

Meet Heather!

Heather Terveen is a freelance writer and mom to two darling daughters. She’s a Southern California transplant who loves calling Scottsdale home now. Heather’s a contributing writer for covering home, lifestyle and parenting topics. You can follow her adventures in home renovation, decorating and motherhood at her lifestyle blog my peanut butter cups or drop her a line on Twitter or Facebook.

1. What part of the Valley do you live in? Arcadia

2. What’s your standard Starbucks order? Iced soy latte

3. If we looked at the TV shows stored on your DVR, what would we learn about you? That kids live here. I just checked our DVR and noticed the ridiculous amount of shows for the kids. Actually, it’s sort of embarrassing as they take up the lion’s share of our DVR’d shows. (I promise I don’t stick them in front of the TV all day!) As for the adults of the house, we like HGTV, DIY and ESPN. Unless, of course, Parenthood, Modern Family or Deadliest Catch is on.

Meet Jessica!

I am Jessica Williams, full time wife, mother, photographer and avid blogger. My husband Jason and I have two little boys, Cruz (4) and Rider (2) who have absolutely changed our lives in all the best ways possible. We live locally in Scottsdale, AZ and love the community here. I am passionate about inspiring people to be all that they were created to be. I love being a working mom and empowering women to work hard to make their dreams come true, even after having babies! You can check out my work as a photographer at Session Nine Photography’s website. You can also find me blogging almost daily about my life as a mom, photographer, and other inspiring tid bits on my personal blog, Stellar Day.

1. What part of the Valley do you live in? I live in Scottsdale, Arizona near Kierland and the Quarter.

2. What’s your standard Starbucks order? My standard Starbucks order is a Grande Iced Coffee with cream and sweetener. Omg yum.

3. If we looked at the TV shows stored on your DVR, what would we learn about you? If you looked at my DVR you would learn that my husband loves baseball, we love the Disney channel and that aside from the new hit TV show starring Matthew Perry Go On, I love reality TV. And Oprah. ha.

Meet Kelly!

Kelly Aaron hates being bored. She’s been a modern art dealer, a real estate broker, nightclub owner, freelance writer extraordinaire, has served on a gabillion boards of directors, and now owns Perk Artisan Coffee Roastery. Being mother to teenage Zoe and toddler Sophie is the most challenging, rewarding adventure by far. With puberty and toddlerhood happening under one roof, life at Casa Aaron is anything BUT boring! Kelly is completely, goofily, 7th-grade-crush smitten with her handsome husband Joshua and they will welcome their new baby boy, Maxwell, in January.

1. What part of the Valley do you live in? Central Phoenix

2. What’s your standard Starbucks order? My husband and I are part-owners of a coffee roastery, so we’re not exactly Starbucks customers!  However, my hands-down favorite coffee drink on the planet is a Lavender Caramel Latte.  Heather, barista and all-around great gal,  made it for me once and I was hooked! So hooked, in fact, that we developed a Lavender Caramel flavored coffee for our roastery.

3. If we looked at the TV shows stored on your DVR, what would we learn about you? You’d learn that I don’t really watch tv! I’d much rather read a book.  Sadly, I never seem to have time for that anymore, either!

Meet Melissa!

Melissa Hurst is a mom of three, freelance writer, entrepreneur, and Arizona native. After a layoff in 2007, Melissa pursued a 2nd master’s degree in order to teach college courses. She also started exclusively using coupons to cut their family grocery bill in half. Armed with the knowledge to find savings, Melissa started Saving Cents With Sense, a site dedicated to help families find quality products, deals, and money-saving tipsHer tips have also been featured on 12 News, and she is a regular columnist for Lifetime Moms and Times Publications.

1. What part of the Valley do you live in? East Phoenix (in Scottsdale School District)

2. What’s your standard Starbucks order? iced-americano with sugar-free vanilla syrup

3. If we looked at the TV shows stored on your DVR, what would we learn about you? I’m a Biggest Loser/American Idol fan. Other than that, the only shows you’ll find on my DVR are those with children’s songs, the alphabet and counting!



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