3 Resources to Help Teach Your Child(ren) the ABCs


Back in January we (unintentionally) started working with Nora on her ABCs.   And by unintentionally, I mean that I have no teaching experience, nor do I have older children that I’ve already taught the ABCs to.  Nora is my oldest and so we were what you might call ABC-teaching-virgins 🙂

Thankfully we had no deadline, nor did we want Nora to ever feel like learning her ABCs was a chore.   We wanted to be sure it was fun for everyone involved.

Throughout the past 9 months, a few resources have emerged as my favorites when it comes to teaching the ABCs.
Without further ado…

Top 3 Resources to Help Teach Your Child(ren) the ABCs 

1) Melissa and Doug Chalkboard/Dry-Erase Board with Letters

Every little one needs a kid-friendly set of alphabet magnets, right?!

This set has specifically come in handy as Nora carries it all around the house asking us time and time again “Mommy/Daddy – You wanna do our letters?”

It’s portable, colorful, and lightweight.  What kid wouldn’t want to practice their ABCs with this fun toy?

2) Tot School Printables

Earlier this year I started doing a “Letter of the Day” with Nora.  Each day we had a focus letter, focus object to emphasize the main letter sound, a focus color and a vocabulary development theme that is based on the object.

We kept it short and fun.  We wouldn’t spend any more than 10 minutes each day doing our letter of the day.

You can read more about Tot School HERE.

3) LeapFrog’s Scout and Friends Phonics Farm

I’ll be honest. Of the three mentioned resources, this may have been the MOST valuable resource in helping Nora learn her alphabet.  Thanks to Netflix (gotta love Netflix, right?!), Nora quickly fell in love with this 30 min video.

To this day when asked what animal starts with the letter “__” she will more often than not answer the question with the animal that she learned about in this video.

Fear not.  If you don’t have Netflix, you can always order it online OR if you’re not doing a Target Cleanse, you can purchase it at Target.

So that’s my Top 3 list!

I know there are a ton more resources out there.  So let’s share with one another.

What resources are your favorites in helping teach your child(ren) the ABCs?


  1. I’m totally going to check out Tot School – we could definitely use some structure like that!

    For the alphabet, we have a ton of resources in different forms around the house. Alphabet magnets on the fridge, Elmo Alphabet Blocks, alphabet puzzle I picked up at Lakeshore, tons of ABC books in her room, the car, diaper bag. I also picked up this foam alphabet book for the tub from Half Price Books for about $4 and Stella loves it. But by far the best resources have been the iPad/iPhone apps of all kinds. When she’s not mesmerized by Peppa Pig or Minnie Mouse on YouTube, she’s playing with a fun interactive app. It’s a bit much, but I’m happy to say she can almost sing her abc’s the whole way through, and knows every letter in upper-case and almost all in lower-case. Definitely going to check out Tot School to start taking it to the next level!


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