Things they forgot to mention. Part 2


I know you’ve come to count on me for my honesty about motherhood, my candid thoughts about raising kids, and my deep insight. (Stop laughing!) Well, today is no different, my friend.

The first installment of “Things They Forgot to Mention” I shared with you the truth about vomit. And yes, that subject is a little messy, so today I thought I’d clean things up.

February 8, 2002- The day my life changed forever. I mean, yes, this was the day I first became a mother. 7lbs 3oz literally turned my world upside down. But this is also the day I discovered a truth, that changed my life in a way I wasn’t expecting because no one prepared me. No one told me that the love for my new baby girl would lead me to another love. A love I had never known before- my love for what is known as, THE BABY WIPE.

Holy cow! I was smitten! These things were amazing! Wiping up spills, washing my face (don’t judge), cleaning the dashboard of my car…I mean the possibilities were endless!
And although I have no more children in diapers, there hasn’t been a day in NINE and THREE QUARTERS years that I have gone without using a baby wipe.

I know most of you are moms too, so I’m not telling you anything that you haven’t already discovered for yourself… BUT, I thought, why not swap some stories about how you use your baby wipes? I know I love keeping a container underneath the sinks in our bathrooms to wipe out the gobs of toothpaste my kids insist on leaving behind every SINGLE morning.

What things do you use baby wipes for? Do tell!


  1. I walk my dog Korky several times a day, and keep the wipes at the front door to wipe his paws after our walk. My carpet is beige, and those dirty little paws quickly turn it to…uh…another less attractive color! I have also done the car dashboard wipe, the bathroom sink, wipe, spots on the kitchen floor wipe, etc. I haven’t had children at home for decades, but I just bought about 4 refills at Target yesterday…ha ha ha! So move over, Babe! I got the same thing going on!


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