Sponsored Post Submission Form

We are so excited that you are interested in purchasing a sponsored post with Scottsdale Moms Blog or North Phoenix Moms Blog (or both sites). We work with tons of local and national sponsors and love sharing all of these great businesses with our readers. 

Sponsored Post Definition

A sponsored post is a published article on one or both of our websites. The sponsored post stays on our landing page for at least three weeks and will continue to be a part of our published archives indefinitely.  Sponsored posts are also shared on at least one of our social sites and are included in our weekly newsletter as new content. 

2 Different Types of Sponsored Posts

1) Sponsor provided content- the business provides all copy and pictures included in the sponsored post. Content is always edited and sometimes re-worded to be in the voice our readers expect from our posts, but the message and relevant information is maintained. Word count requested is 250-400 words. 
(sponsor provided content post example here)

2) Contributor written content- the business invites one of our contributors to try their product or service and the contributor writes the sponsored post from their experience and provides the pictures for the article. (contributor written content post example here)

Optional Giveaway

Both sponsored post options can include a giveaway option. A giveaway to our readers is a great way to encourage more site views and excitement with our community. (giveaway example here)

Sponsored Post Requirements

If your business is providing the content for the sponsored posts, we need to receive the ad copy and photos at least one week prior to publishing date (optional rush postings available for additional $50). 

If you prefer a contributor written content sponsored post, please provide specifics about what the contributor is receiving, the day and time of their visit (if applicable) and if there are any restrictions, the contributor needs to be aware of. We will select the best contributor to experience your business and write the sponsored post for the website. 

All outbound links for sponsored posts are no-follow links per the regulations set forth from Google and other ranking sites. No exceptions made.  

You may submit your content and picture files below or email them directly to us at [email protected]