Musings of a Fall Curmudgeon


I know that I do not have a popular opinion here, but I don’t like Fall.  I don’t get excited about pumpkins (unless it’s a pie), leaves, scarecrows, itchy wool scarves, bulky sweaters, boots that take too much time and effort to put on, and don’t even get me started on the PSL.  No thank you to any of it.  I am a Fall curmudgeon and nobody will ever make me change my mind.   

The only part about Fall I am here for is the fact that here in Scottsdale, AZ Fall is practically Spring. I’m not at all mad about the cooler temperatures, but seeing people running around town in sweaters and jeans in September when the weather is still very hot out is something I just cannot understand.  

I don’t care what the popular coffee chains are saying, the first day of Fall is September 22. It is not the day the pumpkin latte makes it debut. There has never been such a thing as Fall in August. Not ever in the history of seasons. Not ever in the history of life. The coffee shop doesn’t decide when it’s Fall. Pumpkin spice doesn’t decide either. Not even the kids going back to school signifies the arrival of Fall. I’m not trying to take pumpkin spice away from anyone, I’m just saying that it is still before September 22, and therefore, very much still summer.   

There’s a popular meme that circulates Facebook this time of year that reminds people that if a pumpkin spice latte, decorating for Halloween and wearing a scarf brings them joy, then let them. Sure. I’m not trying to take that away. But please explain why they’re wearing scarves when it’s 107 degrees outside?   

Scottsdale locals will recall 2020, as well as other years prior, where we started talking too early about the monsoon season and then it never happened. Then there was too much talk too soon about the arrival of Fall and we were left with literally the hottest Fall on record. My opinion on the matter is that we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves because we will just jinx it all.   

I also feel that because Fall represents the end of the year, for this mama, it represents a time of year that weighs very heavily on my heart. My babies have end of the year birthdays so I’m reminded of them getting older and more independent. I mourn the “little” stage. I’m reminded that the holidays are approaching and that season is beyond stressful for me. I’m reminded that time is just flying right on by and there’s absolutely nothing that I can do to stop it from happening. I’m desperately trying to hold on to the present moments and treasuring each one, but I struggle coming into new seasons.   

As for my preferred season, it’s Spring. A Scottsdale Spring to be specific. The weather here is *chef’s kiss*. It’s cool enough to be outside and enjoy the outdoor living Scottsdale is known for and warm enough to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. I love the color palette Spring is known for. I love the food flavors Spring is known for. I was born in the Spring, so it’s probably a part of my DNA. I also love the Summer in the desert. I do. I love the way the dry heat feels in my bones.   

So every year when the masses start posting on their social media all the hype that goes into Fall, the Fall curmudgeon in me wants to shout, “but what about me and my friends who are the Spring/Summer types?” You can have your Fall, but let me hang on to my Summer.   

Are you a fellow Fall curmudgeon who likes to squeeze every last drop out of Summer. Or does your world turn orange as soon as the kids are back in school?


  1. I am in love with fall – the colors, the quotes, changing decorations at home, all of it. But I love you more, so I will say – you are right that I love spring even more!


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