Organizational SOS

Ok, I need some help from you ladies. I’m sending out an Organizational SOS. I now have 5 kids, and I am certainly not used to it yet. We are still transitioning and working out our new rhythm. Before our baby’s arrival, to prepare for our growing brood, we organized the house to have a boys room and a girls room. Our girls share what is a second master bedroom with a triple bunk. It still needs some final touches, but is working out well. With one exception. The room isn’t cramped, but the space they have for their own items is saved for clothes and shoes. There isn’t really space to have individual things like night stands.
The major problems are what I call, in attempt to be understanding and loving to their little hearts, their “treasures.” Really? Most of it is junk.
My girls are hoarders. They want to save every little thing from every event. At first, I thought it was sweet. Their sheer delight over the objects that adults usually disregard. The bow off a gift from a friend, a pin from Grandpa from Costa Rica, birthday cards, photos, dolls they don’t play with, and on and on. What used to be endearing, is irritating me to no end right now.  It is getting out of control with three in one room. We used to stuff them in an extra drawer, but there isn’t enough room.  I’ve dumped them in buckets for now that are on the floor in their bathroom. It looks neither organized nor clean.


What’s a mom to do? Do you let your kids save things? Do you purge as a family? Do you purge when the kids aren’t looking and hope they don’t notice? Do you have any great ideas on how to store the things they save? Great pins, organizational tools, or the like? Please answer my organizational SOS in the comments. I am sure there are a million ideas out there, but I don’t have the time right now to find them! HELP!


  1. I know how you feel (from a lesser number of kids point of view of course 😉 ). I can’t take clutter. I do a combination: 1. I throw small things out when she’s not looking 2. I put a storage bin of stuff in the garage (hidden, of course) and if no one notices it’s gone after 6ish weeks, I donate it or toss it and 3. I rope her into helping me choose things to give away. We made a fast visit to a women and children shelter about a year ago to drop off donations and she saw how few toys they had. Now I hear “I don’t play with this any more. We should give it to someone who will want to play with it”. Maybe find a Haitian based charity to donate too? The connection to the charity might make it less painful to give things away. Also maybe grouping things – like bows and ribbons – and then reusing them on other gifts will ease the loss of the item. You’ve got your hands full Momma – good luck!!

  2. Well, would LOVE to hear what others who aren’t blessed with a playroom or extra spaces do for sanity. My sons’ room is literally the bane of my existence. I am a purger, so I force them to be, but a creative solution for storage, maybe something on the walls? Ideas like that are what I’m needing too…

    So, I have no help, just joining your cry for help!!!

  3. have you considered taking pics of all their “treasures” and then putting the pics in a “treasure book”? not only might it help them let go, but it might be fun to look at years from now…

  4. Do you have wall space? If so, you can try a bulletin board for each girl (however big you have space for) Give them a set number of push pins and they can fill their board with whatever paper items they want (pictures, cards, crafts, etc) If they want to hang something up but don’t have a pin, they have to get rid of something to free up a pin. You don’t even have to limit it to pin numbers, you can just tell them that whatever hey want to keep has to fit on the bulletin board or else they have to purge. With other stuff you can try to find decorative boxes or bins with lids. Again, each girl gets one and can fill it with whatever they want, but once it gets full, they have to get rid of stuff in order to add new stuff. If they have lids, then you won’t have to look at the disorganized mess inside :). Is there space underneath the two beds on the floor? If so, take advantage of that!


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