Trusting Connections Offers Waived Set-Up fees for new Corporate Childcare Contracts


Trusting Connections continues in their commitment to support families and the communities, organizations and social infrastructure that support them through this pandemic by waiving set-up fees for new corporate childcare contracts now through Oct. 31, 2020, offering a substantial financial incentive to corporations who act quickly.

Corporate childcare is the employee benefit companies can no longer ignore. It goes without saying that modern employees demand greater control over their lives and a bigger say in the structure of their jobs. That might be more important than ever during the parenting crises in the wake of this pandemic.  Leading organizations have come to understand that offering policies and programs like the corporate child care services offered by Trusting Connections will help them recruit and maintain skilled talent.

Research confirms that a corporate child care program significantly improves workplace productivity, reduces absenteeism, cuts turnover and can increase company value. Having access to reliable, back- up child care makes employees less stressed and more engaged. And offering this type of program gives you a competitive edge in the job market. 

Trusting Connections offers several different benefits packages which could be a fit for small businesses and/or large corporations seeking to do their part to solve the nation’s parenting crisis.  Childcare can be expensive and hard for working parents to navigate, even in the best of circumstances.  While schools reopen there remains a sense of insecurity with the long-term and an overall unease.  Parents are still scrambling and many are forced to miss work as a result.

“The balance between work and family is one of the largest challenges parents will ever face.  And now, we know that parents are juggling more pressures than ever before during this pandemic with work, home, kids, education and massive healthcare concerns and uncertainty,” said Trusting Connections Co-Founder, Rosalind Prather.  “Parents everywhere have faced a massive disruption to their former balance with work and child raising and we are here to encourage the companies they work for to now invest in them by offering employer-sponsored corporate child care services,” Prather concluded.

Organizations considering an employer-sponsored corporate child care are encouraged to visit  to email [email protected] or call 520.585.5741 to learn more.


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