A fun way to hangout with friends while staying home


Being a mom during these times is so exhausting. We are suddenly full time cooks, teachers, house cleaners, activity coordinators, and expert online shoppers. Managing our household has now been taken to a level I don’t think any of us thought was possible. But the hardest part is the isolation from family and friends. Even though we are SURROUNDED by little people all of the time, not being able to really connect and commiserate with our friends makes this time even harder.   

In our house, we have downloaded a newly discovered app, Houseparty, to help all of us connect with those people we are missing. Your children, like my kids, might already be using Houseparty to virtually hangout with their friends. They like it better than other apps because it lets many of them hangout together, plus they can play games with each other. They really like the game Chips and Guac! It is a great way for them to get a little bit of social time during these quarantine days.  


But the app is not just for your children, we can use and connect with our friends too. We need that social time just as much as our children do. You can connect with your friends to start a virtual book club (or movie club), have a wine night, or just chat about what stores are re-stocking the toilet paper and where the best take-out is these days.

Houseparty is also a great way for the kids to connect with their grandparents and other relatives who might be feeling especially isolated.

Download the app and see what fun connections can be made! 

This post is sponsored by Houseparty. Thank you to Houseparty for being a supporter of Scottsdale Moms.


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