Best Presents for Boys {2018 Holiday Gift Guide}


Beyond Blocks: My kids LOVE building things. Of course, LEGOS usually top the list when it comes to creating things, but there are lots of other ways to get creative with building! Try the traditional Tinker Toys, or one of the newer magnetic types of blocks. These come in all different kinds of shapes and configurations to make some pretty cool stuff. 

Games! Games are a great option for young kids and old. It keeps them occupied for awhile, teaching them teamwork, and teaches them strategy. All great options for the week long winter break from school. I have been stocking up on some of the old school games that I enjoyed myself as a kid. Chutes and Ladders, CandyLand, and Operation are a few that I have already got for my boys and they are having fun playing. If you have older kids Jumanji and Monopoly are always fun and have all kinds of versions to switch it up. 

Of course, my kids will want toys too, and they are adding to their list daily. Here are some of their top picks in case you need some inspiration in this area as well! 


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