Where to see Dinosaurs (in and around the valley)


We have a house full of dinosaur loving kids, there are plastic dinosaurs that fill our toy boxes and we have several dinosaur costumes. Anytime I give the boys a chance to pick an activity for the day, they will inevitably ask to see dinosaurs. Because of this never ending love affair, I have gathered all of the places we have visited (and a few that are on our list) to see the mighty creatures up close. 

dinosaurs in Phoenix
Cabazon, CA

Museum of Natural History –  Mesa, AZ. This is one of our favorite places to see dinosaurs. They have quite a few skeleton replicas of different dinosaurs, as well as dinosaur mountain that is and entire wall covered in dinosaurs from different ages. 

Cave Creek – This is not an “official” dinosaur exhibit, but there are several large T-Rex sculptures at some of the local shops in Cave Creek, AZ that my kids love. It makes for an easy (and free) afternoon to stroll around and look at the dinos!

I-10, Cabazon, CA – Next time you are on a road trip to California (on the way to L.A. area or Carlsbad), stop in Cabazon to check out the enormous dinosaurs. There is a T-Rex and a Brontosaurus, the Brontosaurus even has a gift shop inside of it. Not only do they break up the trip a little bit, but they make for a fantastic photo opp! (pictured above) 

Museum of Northern Arizona – This museum is in Flagstaff, AZ and is a great spot to see some dinosaur bone replicas next time you are up north, while also learning about some Arizona history. 

Dino Crew Entertainment – If you don’t want to travel to see dinosaurs, you can bring them to you. Dino Crew is a local company that has extremely realistic looking dinosaur “costumes” that their staff wears. Hire them for your next dino lovers party or just for a fun play date!  Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs –  This is one of the newer attractions at Odysea in the Desert. They have dinosaur exhibits, etching of skeletons, sifting to find bones, dinosaur rides and roaming dinosaurs! (Note: it is a separate cost from Odysea Aquarium)  

Phoenix Zoo – (temporary through April 2018) We are so bummed this exhibit is soon leaving the Phoenix Zoo. But there is still time to see it if you haven’t had a chance yet! This is a self guided exhibition that allows you an opportunity to see some beautiful Arizona landscape, as well as some fascinating dinosaurs. (Note: this is an extra cost on top of zoo entrance)

Are there any we have missed? We would love to hear about them! 


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