Mama Needs a Life Coach


 Recently, I was having a conversation with a mama friend of mine on the phone (gasp! yes this still exists even though I think we all only have time for the quick texts.) Anyway, she cut the convo short because she had an appointment with her “life coach.” My mind raced with a million more questions- what is a life coach? and why is she making appointments with one?

scottsdale life coachSo of course I asked….and went straight to the source.

Jennifer Jakobsen is a life coach to several valley mamas. Her background is psychology and clinical social work and has a long history in psychotherapy. She told me her true life calling is being a life coach and absolutely loves everything about it. (I will also add she is a mama to three girls…AND that I am not getting paid for this post, just sharing another awesome mom doing something awesome!)

Why would it be beneficial for us mamas to have a life coach?
Being a mom is extremely stressful, especially in today’s society. The transition to motherhood can feel very overwhelming and many moms feel as if they are uncertain how to be the best mom they can be. They also may feel isolated and lost in the new role. Coaching can help moms transition to their new role with positivity and find balance and peace (and yes, maybe some time alone) in their crazy busy lives. Coaching can also help moms cope with stress. It can help them become proactive (making a plan for how they want to parent) versus reactive (yelling, screaming, angry) parent. Each stage of motherhood brings with it new transitions and potential struggles.

What does a session with you look like?
A session with me is a safe, confidential place for women to bring up any issue that has been troubling them. My first question is almost always, “What do you want to accomplish by the end of our time today?” After I know what the client wants from our time together we explore how to get them there. My role is to listen very intently and ask powerful questions to get the client to where they want to be. I might assign homework if the client is open to it. I also hold my client’s accountable for the goals they set. If they are not making progress we explore roadblocks and look for solutions. Coaching is a transformational and supportive process that helps people gain success in whatever matters most in their lives. I do almost all of my sessions over the phone so moms don’t have to even get out of their pj’s. 

Jennifer always does a complimentary 30 minute session to see if coaching is right for the client. AND she is also offering a discount to OUR readers, just mention Scottsdale Moms Blog! Check out her website or email at [email protected] 


  1. Great read. This is something I’m sure many moms would never even think of, let alone seriously consider, but you make some great points. This is definitely an area worth exploring.


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