Date Night Deals in Downtown Phoenix


I’m a city girl, through and through and can’t wait for a date night downtown. Any downtown. There’s something exciting about getting dressed up, heading to the city with tickets in hand and having a night on the town. “But I have kids,” you say, “It’s too expensive,” you say. You set up the babysitter, and I’ll show you how to have a memorable date night downtown without surrendering your wallet.

Having spent the last many years living close enough to enjoy major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and London, I wasn’t sure Phoenix would have the type of city life I was looking for. I love the theater, enjoying a big show production and exploring great spots to eat. Let me tell you, Phoenix has it. Most locals and visitors agree that Phoenix and Scottsdale are major hubs for foodies across the country, but what most people don’t talk about is the amazing live performances we get here. Phoenix is right up there with top quality arts and entertainment, and the best part about it is you won’t break the bank to attend. I promise.Downtown Phoenix

Symphony Hall is THE spot to catch a live theater performance in Phoenix. From operas and symphonies, to ballet and Broadway, Symphony Hall is state of the art and hosts world renowned performers on it’s stage. I love the classy, retro feel of the place, complete with amazing bartenders who more often than not have a cocktail special that coordinates with the performance. Makes me feel kind of like a Bond girl. There’s really not a bad seat in the house, but I prefer to sit on the main floor, stage left and as close to center as I can get–just because.

Here are my top choices for saving on downtown date nights:

Arizona Opera Bold Card is my my go-to anniversary gift for two years now. My husband and I love to support the Arts, but find the tickets can get pricey. The Bold Card makes it so affordable! Under 40? For $100, you can get six tickets to spend however you like. You choose which operas, which days and who you give your tickets to. Last year we went to three operas for date nights and already have our calendars booked for three opera date nights this year. So, for about $17 a ticket, cheaper than a fancy cinema experience, you can see live opera, in full costume and decide for yourself if it’s your thing.

Phoenix Symphony Young Professionals is another package deal with great benefits. For $99, you get one ticket to four different symphonies. Unlike the Bold Card, you do not get to choose your performances. However, you do get upgraded seats, a complimentary wine and beer reception at intermission, discounts at several local restaurants and member invites to before and after dinners and local arts appreciation events. At $25 a ticket, you get a free drink and a relaxing evening listening to world renowned masterpieces. You and your date will both need a membership, but if you think you can make it to all the performances, it’s a steal.

Ballet Arizona has some amazing deals. Anyone new to the Ballet can get a sample seat for $35 and if you weren’t satisfied with the performance (I doubt you will be disappointed!), you can get reimbursed. Active military or college students get an automatic 15% discount. The 1829 discount offers 50% off tickets to patrons ranging between 18 and 29 years old. If you’ve aged out of that discount like me, the Savers Seats are only $15-25 and on the main floor orchestra. You can’t beat the price! I was blown away by the Valentine’s Day performance of Sleeping Beauty last year on a romantic matinee date with my hubby, and have my eye already on Romeo and Juliet 2017.

Goldstar is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I discovered it back when I was living in L. A. and am so thankful we have it here in Phoenix because their offers get better and better. If you are new to seeking discount tickets, Goldstar is one of the largest online resources for discounts and reviews for live entertainment. Download their app, get on their email list and start saving big at local events right here in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Symphony Hall lists many top performances throughout the year, but shop early. You can already get discount tickets to The Nutcracker, so get moving!IMG_6119

We may not be living the downtown lifestyle I once imagined, but date night has me thinking otherwise. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.

Heading downtown on your next date night? I’d love to check out your favorites!


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