Spring Break Favorites


Spring Break

Sometimes it isn’t an option to fly during Spring Break. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with the local venues in town. From hiking to movies, there are plenty of options to have some fun! Take a look at Scottsdale Mom’s Blog roundup of Spring Break favorites around town:

Grab the kids and go hiking: Do your restless kids want a day outdoors? You are in luck because there are several family friendly hikes in our area. Grab the water, equip yourself with a few snacks and tell your kids to get ready to enjoy adventure and spectacular views from cool mountain peaks. Find a trail just right for you and your family by taking a look at some of these hikes. 

Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch at local parks: Want an option that is low maintenance, but still cool enough for your kids? Make a lunch for your kids and load the kids in the car. You can infuse the day with fun by visiting the local parks in town. Who can resist the great temperatures? You can relax while watching your kids run around in the park. Check out the Valley’s best parks. 

Enjoy an afternoon at a baseball game: Spring means one thing – the baseball teams are here for training and you can catch all of the action with concessions in hand. Kids and adults have the opportunity to meet current and former players, try their hand at exhibits, peruse memorabilia and work off some energy at the batting cages. For more information, click on the Spring Training website. 

Get a preview of summer by enjoying a day at a water park or pool: Want the kids to be active and cool? Water parks like Big Surf and Wet-n-Wild offer great slides, wave pools and more. If water parks aren’t your thing, you can always convince the kids to jump into the pool.

Make it a movie marathon at home or the theaters: Some kids love hanging out at home and don’t need any extra frills to have a good time. Take your kid’s cue and make it a movie marathon day at home or at the theaters. Let them indulge in their favorite candy, ice cream and of course, a big tub of popcorn!

Embrace colder temperatures with a ski trip: You really want to make the most of Spring Break and don’t want to do it locally. What are your options? Since we live only a couple of hours from snow, you could do a day trip to Flagstaff and take the kids skiing.

What are your plans for Spring Break? We would love to hear your suggestions! 




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