Candide Luxury Padded Baby Wrap (Review)


Padded review

Last month I got the opportunity to test out Candide’s Luxury Padded Baby Wrap in Hazel. All opinions here are my own. 

Upon opening the Candide Luxury Padded Baby Wrap, it looked—indeed—luxurious. The padding and fabric were super soft, and the color was a dark tan. I always love throwing a few solids in the mix, especially because having girls, the amount of patterns around can get intense.

The size was great – it easily fit my 4-month old model (who also happened to be reading the specs of the product in this photo), and would fit a newborn just as snug with the ability to fasten it tightly.

I could see it being a bit warm for Arizona nights, though it has been perfect over this cold and rainy season. I do enjoy a wrap that allows parents to swaddle baby’s arms, but I suppose with how warm this is, the arm openings are great. That way if it’s super cold, you can have a long sleeve on underneath, or just a regular onesie if the temperature is a bit higher.

The ability to access baby’s feet and diaper area so easily is also amazing. The fabric on the wrap really allows you easy access to change baby without removing the whole wrap and slip them back into the crib comfortably and quickly.

The only thing I would change is the Velcro®. It needs to be a bit stronger, especially when baby is becoming more squirmy—it’s easy for legs to pop out and stay out.

All in all, I think it is a great, comfy product to get baby through the winter!