How to appreciate the AZ Fall weather {20 ways}


fallNovember is here. Phew. We have had 5 months of hot, sweaty days and it is time to celebrate the cooler AZ Fall weather before summer weather starts again.

Here are twenty {20!!} fun things you should do, just to celebrate why we live here and what we look forward to all those long months of too hot days and nights.

  1. Sleep with the window open.
  2. Wake up early and go for a walk, enjoy that cool air and beautiful sunrise.
  3. Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Finally, we can enjoy one!
  4. Family bike rides.
  5. Buy tickets to one of the awesome upcoming festivals.
  6. Visit the farmer’s market.
  7. Pull out your sweaters and jeans.
  8. Crock pot recipes!
  9. Read a book outside.
  10. Check out a new restaurant with a great patio.
  11. Start a tradition of after-dinner family walks.
  12. Sign-up for a 5k!
  13. Weekend brunch!
  14. Shop the summer clothes sales, we can still wear most of those items….
  15. Start a garden.
  16. Go hiking. Try a new trail.
  17. Miniature golf or real golf if your kids are older.
  18. Train for a half-marathon.
  19. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  20. Don’t complain about the weather, even if it gets chilly!

What is your favorite way to celebrate the AZ Fall weather? Do you have any recommendations we should add to the list? Comment below.


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