Gifts That Teachers Really Need



So it’s that time of year where we show our appreciation to teachers. Most of us will give flowers, a starbucks gift card, or other decorative item to show our appreciation for a fabulous school year.

 Here is a list of gifts that teachers really need:

  1. HAZMAT Suit- Yes, our precious kindergarten staff member has survived the stomach flu x x23, 10 colds, 2 cases of pinkeye, 3 cases of head lice….. You get the picture even if she wiped every available surface with lysol wipes she is exposed to GERMS daily and it truly is a miracle her sick day bank is not depleted by May.
  2. Public Relations Spokesperson- Our teachers have to walk a fine line between School Administration , their own education beliefs, and so a PR person might be helpful when angry parents want to know the in’s and out of curriculum changes. I’m sure our teachers would love to tell us they despair over current educational struggles but a lot of times they can’t.
  3. Underground happy Hour- Yes, I do believe when Friday 4pm rolls around our teachers deserve to enjoy a cocktail in peace. You know away from parents that have just one last question how about how little Mackenzie did on that Math test, oh and what is our next book for literature circles, and does this sound like an interesting science fair project for Jacob. Well Meaning- Yes, Annoying- yes!
  4. 1 hour of Daily Relaxation- 7 hours of 24 children with a gazillion questions and hefty curriculum checklist to get through at a speedy clip. Not only do our teachers need Saint like patience they also need to relaxation after this on the job stress.
  5. Miracle Wardrobe- You know the outfit that looks professional but also allows for finger-painting with 4 year olds, playing hopscotch on the playground during PE, assisting 5th graders with science lab, and I did mention the SICK CHILD.
  6. A genuine , sincere, THANK YOU- at the end of the day gifts are great but most of my teacher friends really want to hear from their families that they positively impacted their child’s life and that what they do day in and out, Matters!




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