3 Thoughtful Gifts for a Second Baby


gift 2I have spent countless hours thinking, designing and assembling gifts while working in the baby retail business. I take a lot of pride in my gifts; I can’t just give anything. It means a lot to me to make it super personal by asking a lot of questions about needs and preferences so I can create the perfect thoughtful gift and take pride when they open the treasure and enjoy it.

However, recently I was challenged with picking out a gift for the birth of my brother’s second son and my mind went blank. They have everything they need! Since it was their second baby, they didn’t do a shower and didn’t register anywhere. I was stressing out. I took a breath, remembered my training and started thinking outside of the box for new solutions.

Here are my 3 thoughtful gifts for a second baby:

1. Gift card for a maid service – My brother and his wife just brought home baby number two to their 18 month old, 3 dogs, and senior cat Isabella. Between rangling my rough and tough newphew, dealing with visitors coming to see the new baby, and healing from a C-Section I really felt for my sister in law. It just seemed like too much. So I thought deeply about what I would want in a time like that; a perfectly clean home. Thus, I searched Groupon and found a plethora of inexpensive maid service gifts. $75 got them 2 house cleaners for 2 hours and they were thrilled.

2. Date night – I wanted to make sure that they weren’t too bogged down in the house and overwhelmed with their new reality of two under two in diapers and on the bottle. I stopped by Frys and picked up a $25 Harkins gift card and a $100 restaurant gift card (karma bonus: triple gas points on gift cards!). I then quickly created a coupon good for one night of babysitting to complete the package.

3. Photo book of baby’s first day – Having a second baby changes everything and means a lot more work for parents and a lot less time to create the memorabilia that they had time for with the first baby. I wanted to make sure that my brother and his wife had those precious moments to have and to hold. I compiled my pictures, my family’s pictures, and everything I could find on social media and made a photobook on Shutterfly of baby’s first day. I got it within a week! Hint: Check RetailMeNot for coupon codes – there is almost always a deal for picture books.

When in doubt about what to give for a second baby, thinking of what the parents may not have the time or freedom to do and help fill in the gaps. They will thank you for helping them with the tough transition from parents of one to parents of two.

Do you have any recommendations for a gift for a second baby? 



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