30 Day Push: Your Resolutions Will Tank Without It


If you are like me in planning, I’m sure you have been thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. As mothers, we are natural planners, thinkers, and mostly go-go-goers and doers! Yet, in spite of our good intentions, these plans tend to fall apart because we lack certain things that keep us going. May I suggest an idea?

Check out: www.30daypush.com

No, this is not a paid promotion. Nor, am I receiving any compensation. Last week I stumbled across this website while reading through my daily accountability on a health/wellness Facebook page. An acquaintance had mentioned that she had started following this 30 day accountability program, and my ears were itching to know more. So, I logged in.

The Basics of a 30 Day Push

My homemade design of the top 10 priorities.

Some of you may have heard of her. Some of you have no idea to whom I am referring. Her name is Chalene Johnson. She has created several fitness videos, and is now a New York Times Bestseller for her novel, PUSH. She is passionate about helping others. And, she created this online program for you…. for free!

If you choose to sign up on her website, you will get daily emails encouraging you. How does she encourage you? For one, you will take a good look at yourself… right where you are now.

On Day One, you will focus {yes, FOCUS} on the top ten areas that encompass your life. From that day forward, Chalene helps you begin to plan out your goals, hone in on your priorities, and create a plan to simplify your life. Is it easy? Depends. Is it possible? Yes!

It’s Up to You

When anyone decides to state a New Year’s Resolution the first thing she needs to do is…


Yes, I know that it is old school, but it works. Use a journaling book. If you don’t write it down with a pen on paper, it is possible that you will not follow through with your plans. Speaking a resolution into action is vulnerable; however, writing down a resolution is accountable. You will hold yourself more accountable when you see your own words in writing. I promise.

Scrapbook paper covering a composition notebook.

But, don’t stop at just writing it down. Share it. Find a friend or group on Facebook and ask for more accountability. The cliche is true: there is strength in numbers! Friends can help you stick to your word. They will ask you how you are doing on reaching your goals. They will encourage you when you feel like you are falling off the track.

Social accountability is a great tool for personal success.

The First Week is the Hardest

I’m not going to lie to you. The first week is tough! You may think about the first two days and say, “This isn’t so bad. I can keep quiet now. I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ll just keep to myself and try.” WRONG! Please understand the importance of a team. Get your significant other involved with you. Get your best friend alongside you and take each day together.

After the end of the 30 days, you will look back and say, “Well done! I did it!” And guess what? You’ll be that much closer to your Resolution… on February 1st!


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