5 Expert Tips for Decorating After the Holidays


It’s been a whirlwind hasn’t it? The crazy busy holiday season has finally come to an end and now your home looks BARE!

christmas composition with fireplace and christmas tree

When I look at my home after the holidays I am met with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am overjoyed with how crisp and clean everything looks. The rooms that were decorated for the season now feel so open and spacious! But then I look at those that were not touched over the holidays and I feel as if they are screaming for a refresh.

Is “wintery” decor still allowed?? I mean, winter just arrived but a large majority of winter decor can feel “Christmas-y.” The answer is YES, and we’re all in luck because there are a ton of chic and cozy ideas for decorating after the holidays.

Christmas fir tree and birdhouse decor


All of your Santa figurines and stockings must come down, but red is still a total winner for winter! It’s both festive and bold. It is also one of those colors that packs enough punch to be paired with almost any decorating style, including Country, Transitional, Traditional, Modern and Rustic.


As we’ve seen for the past few years, Gold, Mercury Glass, Silver, Copper and just about every variety of shimmer are leading the way in accents. Just because you’ve stayed up until midnight and popped your champagne doesn’t mean the life of your glitz and glimmer is over! You might consider editing the sparky frill as not to over do it, but your bright and shiny accents can stay. If you’re out and about at after-holiday sales and looking to pick up a few items for the rest of the season, look for candlesticks, jars, vases and trays. These staple pieces, paired with a little luxe, go a long way!

Christmas tree branch


Bet you never saw this coming… even some of your wreaths can stay! It’s probably best to store greenery that screams “Merry Christmas.” However, there are a few varieties of wreaths, green garlands and leafy drapings that can remain in your home. Here is a general rule: if the wreath has little to no adornments, so it’s basically all wreath (green), it can stay. If the few adornments it does have are pine cones, snow kissed tips or a statement single bow, it’s a keeper! You may even be able to edit the wreath a bit and remove/add things that can give it more life. Think about adding a bow and/or removing some of the holly berries, then gluing extras back on next season.


What screams winter? FIRES! And since we all don’t have gorgeous raging fireplaces going all day long, you can achieve some of that look and feel by adding wood. Raw wood, treated wood, a grouping of sticks, Birch, Pine, anything really! Consider displaying them as part of a centerpiece, next to your fireplace (if you have one), or at your front door.

Young couple under blanket with hot drink kissing outdoors


Winter is for relaxing, dressing in layers and cozying up next to your loved ones. Take these short months (very short, in Phoenix at least) to add blankets, throws and delicious pillows. You can elevate the depth in your space by mixing prints and patterns within all of your cozy trimmings!

However you choose to keep the winter months fresh and alive in your home, make sure you are enjoying every day as it will be hot here in Arizona before you know it!


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