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FanTrick question in the title of this post there, eh? At least that is what you are thinking! Would we do that to you? It’s not a trick question and not even a trick, of course you want to LOWER YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL! With a nominal investment you could save yourself hundreds!

It’s hot, getting hotter by the day, and it seems, unlike the Summer Solstice where there is a peak and these incredibly long days are scientifically proven to be getting shorter, that the heat and the bills coinciding with keeping your family somewhat comfortable ARE NOT! One day it’s 100 degrees and the next its 110 degrees! July is thought to be the hottest month, then come mid September, these scorching temperatures barrel back through! There must be some relief!

I recently spent some time with the folks over at Advanced Home Systems Inc. learning about their Energy Sentry Management System, which can be installed on the main service panel to your home. The “hub” of your electricity consumption and usage. Energy Sentry Management System is programmed to track APS’ on- and off-peak times while monitoring your electric use. Here’s the real nuts and bolts to how this amazing system works, Energy Sentry automatically adjusts the way the your home uses electricity to maximize its use during APS’ off-peak hours when electricity is cheapest. Now, without even having to think about it, you can keep your home cool no matter what time of day, making it easier for your family to sleep at night and easier for you to enjoy raising your kids in the heat of the Arizona summer.

Naturally, you’re thinking sign me up! I’m right there with you! Here are some answers to questions that may be swirling around in your head, as they were in mine!

Is this ‘GREEN’ and environmentally friendly?

YES! An Energy Sentry Management System is ‘GREEN’ since it helps reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing your need for peak electricity. And better than solar and ENERGY STAR rebates, an Energy Sentry saves you money on day 1.

How long does it take to get installed?

Usually it only takes a week to 10 days. Since we’ve installed over 25,000, we have perfected installation so that a 2-man crew can complete the installation in 1 ½ to 2 hours –without stepping foot in your home.

Can I do this with thermostats and timers?

NO. Many people have tried and for many reasons you can’t. Most people throw in the towel due to the inconvenience and limited savings. Many of our customers are people who tried to do it themselves and called Advanced Home Systems to get results.

How long have you been in business and are you a licensed contractor??

More than 27 years in Arizona as a licensed C-11 specialty contractor, Registrar of Contractors license #ROC O68643.

How long does it last and is there a warranty?

The life expectancy is 30+ years with no ongoing maintenance. YES, the warranty covers 3 years parts and labor..

If you’re curious as to what real customers feedback might be, take a look at the testimonials on their website! All of these customers are extremely satisfied! There is also detailed information on the installation process here.

This year, to help more people save on their energy bills, Advanced Home Systems is offering a $100.00 discount on the installation of an Energy Sentry Management System to homeowners who mention “Scottsdale Moms” when calling to set up an estimate. Advanced Home Systems is Arizona’s exclusive Energy Sentry dealer and has helped more than 7,000 Valley residents save on their electric bills.

To learn more about peak demand management, and to watch a testimonial from fellow Arizona mom Kelly Bayer, visit the Advanced Home Systems website at www.cheaperutilitybill.com.

Call Advanced Home Systems at (602) 402-7656 to set up an appointment and start saving today.

This post is sponsored by Advanced Home Systems. Thank you for supporting Scottsdale Moms Blog!



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