Five Tips for Falling BACK in love with Pinterest


pinterest smbI think ruts are somewhat normal… in most aspects of life. As a stylist, Pinterest is quite possibility the best item in my tool box! We use it to gather inspiration, post our own original pins and as an interactive tool to communicate directly with our clients. As a consumer, I use Pinterest as a glorified junkie or addict! Well, at least I used to!

I found myself spending less and less time combing the pages of the mega-giant (probably a good thing, I know) because I kept seeing the same things. The same e-cards, the same recipes (awesome ones, but the same ones), same totally unattainable “5-minute workout” pins and homes that well, are slightly out of reach for now. Oh, and the crafting & holiday pins that continue to make me feel as if I do every holiday in a last-minute menagerie of thrown together decor, gifts and food. Mind you, these feelings are coming from a Stylist! I am stylish! I don’t have time but make time to decorate my house, accessorize my clothes and cook like Giada…! I can only imagine what other women who allocate their time differently feel like!

Pinterest and I have a long relationship; one I was just not willing to walk away from.  So, I set out to figure out how to fall back in love with my favorite little (70 million users and 30 billion pins) visual gadget. Don’t give up! Fall back in love with Pinterest! Here’s how:

Pinterest Screen


When you started your boards you had no rhyme or reason to them. As pins came up in your feed, you naturally needed to find a place for them. Should that place not exist, you created one. Then you kept perpetuating this small issue by pinning in the wrong place or in the same place. I think most people have one of those “WANT” or “LOVE” boards. Do yourself a favor and clean up those bad boys! Keep in mind, Pinterest is a community, and while we aren’t raising presidents on this thing, we all go there for an achievable goal of finding what we’re looking for. Your boards included. You will be relieved to know that pins are not stone or blood, and you CAN and are encouraged to delete pins that do not work for you any longer. If there isn’t a single repin and your life isn’t being enriched by said pin, delete that thing and find another. Like I said, there are 35 billion pins out there just waiting to hop on to your board!


When you click into the search bar and type your subject “Baby Boy Nursery ideas”, drop “ideas” and click “BOARDS” in the search bar. That way your search will return other users boards titled “Baby Boy Nursery” and every variation of. Other users boards will have a variety of pins, and pins of all ages! I find some of the most useful pins buried deep into boards I would have never come across in the regular search. Keep only one thing in mind; when you stumble upon a board that has several pins you deem as ‘repinable’, you now bear the obligation of following that user. Let’s face the facts, everyone wants more followers… everyone. And since that is a fact, don’t blow up a user’s notifications with a bunch of repins and then not follow them! They had pins you want, therefore you follow. It’s a compliment, not a weakness!


When you are casually browsing the big P, think about future events and dates and start a new board! The excitement from seeing new pins and inspiration will help you feel more organized and prepared for any future memory!


Like I said, everyone wants more followers. If you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ other user’s content and profiles, your pin stream will get better and broader. You will “discover” more! You will also feel the passion from an increasingly strong community, built around the same interests you have! You just might stumble upon something or someone great!


Pinterest ranks content. Your own content (meaning pins you upload directly from your computer or phone) rank highest. You are like a visual author and as a visual author you are responsible for distributing great content. Like that fabulous outfit you wore the other night or your grandmother’s recipe! Snapshot that old recipe card and pin it! As with all things, don’t forget to give credit where credit is due.

All of these tips can and will help you fall back in love! With these easy tips you might even thrive and discover a whole new side to Pinterest! Jump on over to my profile at and follow! I can guarantee a follow right back! Happy Pinning!




  1. Good call, I am so over Pinterest lately. Guess it’s time for me to start looking for cute outfits for our San Diego trip, and ideas for (ahem), a certain someones baby due in December 😉


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