Putting the worry aside to enjoy life


horse_reaganI can’t tell you how much pressure I feel to get my child into some sort of sport, activity, preschool or whatever. My four year old is social beyond anyone else in the family, full of life, and very content with her daily routine.

But still, I constantly feel the need to look for the next activity to place her into and figure out what in the world she should be learning! So, it’s been such a pleasure to have one activity that we look forward to each week. She is learning about horses. She’s learning to brush a horse, take care of its feet and how to stop and turn the horse at her “horse class” as she calls it.

After laboring for a while about what to do… t-ball? gymnastics? ballet? music? we landed on trying out a few classes at Joni Fitts School of Horsemanship. Why? Because it’s fun.

Yup, that’s it.

I was over analyzing the whole business only to realize that I wanted to share something that I love with her. I can’t explain it. I just enjoy the smells, the sounds and the relationship with the four legged animal, the horse.

We have both enjoyed our trips out to the barn. And I have enjoyed watching my daughter gain more confidence around the horse. She was brave enough to feed him some treats from a bucket at her second visit and asked if she could lead the horse into the barn on her first.

We are just having a good time and I’m going to place my worrying on hold while we live a little and enjoy something that we both love!



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