Pumpkin Painting Fall Craft



I love a good EASY craft to help my kids and me get into the holiday spirit! A family favorite is painting pumpkins!

It’s MUCH less messy than carving said pumpkin AND it’s much easier for preschoolers and toddlers to join in the fun when knives and pumpkin goo are absent.

Here’s what you need:

1. One small pumpkin (be sure it’s small enough for your child to carry without assistance)

2. Tempera Paint (any kid-safe paint you have around the house will do)

3. Paint brush(es) one for each artist

4. Candy corn (or favorite fall candy)

5. Glitter, googly eyes, yarn, glue or anything you might have lying around that might be fun to add to the pumpkin)

6. Newspaper or an old sheet

7. plastic plates or scrap cardboard

Place pumpkin on the table that has been covered in newspaper or the old sheet. Place dollops of paint colors onto the plastic plates or scrap cardboard as the paint board. Give your artists their paint brushes and watch them create a work of art! Use glittler, googly eyes, yar, glue etc after the paint has dried as a “phase 2” to your art project, if desired. Enjoy some fun fall candy of your choice while you create!



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