Top 5 Natural Sunscreens for Kids



With it being 105+ here in Scottsdale for who knows how long, I figured we should talk sunscreen. Allowing your kids and yourself to get some Vitamin D is great, allowing them to get a sunburn..not so much.

I’ll give you a little back story as to why I think this post is so necessary. I am an esthetician {have been for over 5 years}. In that time I have been super careful with my sun exposure, and wear an SPF daily. Before that, I was an avid tanning bed, laying out with oil, sun junkie. Just this past week I went in for my yearly scan at my dermatologist’s, and guess what? They had to burn off an AK {a pre-cancer}. So yes, I have been good for 5 years, but what about the other 20+?!  That’s why I want to protect my little man the best I can, with safe and natural SPFs.

Here are my top 5 favorite natural sunscreens for kids in no particular order:

  • Badger SPF. They have an incredible baby one, and an older kid one as well. This stuff is thick and white {like almost all natural SPFs are} but rubs in really well.
  • Babyganics SPF. They are awesome for their versatility  If you are more of a SPF stick lover, try this. Want one to simply spray on- go here.
  • California Baby SPF. Another great SPF that is sold almost everywhere. Always nice to be able to pick up something while at Target {not that us moms ever go to Target..weekly..}
  • Seventh Generation SPF. Love this stuff. Seems to be not quite as thick and greasy as the others, and smells nice too!
  • BurnOut SPF. This one seems to be the best at rubbing in and not leaving you white.

All of these are completely safe for your baby {6 months and older} and the whole family. Each one scored a 1 from EWG {if you don’t use EWG to look up skin products, you’ve been missing out!}.

Hope this helps narrow down some great SPFs for you. Also, always know that hats and sun-shirts work wonders in addition to the SPF:)

Happy 105+!



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