Scottsdale Splash Pads: 5 Fun Things to Bring for Your Next Outing


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While it may technically be spring in Scottsdale, somehow it already feels like summer. Since the weather has heated up, we’ve already made several trips to our favorite splash pads.

My kids can’t get enough of them.

In my humble opinion, the two best splash pads in town are at the Scottsdale Quarter and the Phoenix Zoo. I also love the smaller ones at local community centers, but somehow find the two at the Zoo and the large one at the Scottsdale Quarter captivate my daughters’ attention for the longest duration of time.

We spend SO much time at splash pads over the seemingly endless summer. I’m always looking for creative ways to make our outings more fun. Anything to burn more energy, occupy more time and increase the fun is a win-win in my book. Sometimes it’s the simple things that entertain little ones the most.

Here are 5 fun things to bring for your next splash pad outing:

1.  Bubbles

We always bring a stash of bubbles for entertainment while we’re there. Not only is it fun for my kids, but also it draws in other “new” friends to jump around and giggle with.


2.  Paint Brushes

I wish I had thought of this brilliant idea sooner. (And to be fair, I totally stole this activity after seeing it at my daughter’s preschool.)  Bring paintbrushes and soft paint rollers for the kids to “paint” the sidewalk. My four-year-old (pictured above) loves creating little masterpieces on the concrete.

3.  Sand Toys

Buckets, shovels, plastic rakes. It doesn’t matter that all these items were intended for the sand; my daughters love having them to play with at the splash pad. Trying to catch the flying water or attempting to block the water as it comes gushing out of the holes is just plain fun. Plus, we use the buckets for our paintbrushes, too.

4.  Beach Balls

My two-year-old loves chasing bouncy balls through the water as it splashes up from the ground. Playing catch. Attempting to “bowl” the ball through the pad. My kids love having balls on hand to mess around with in the water.

5.  Popsicles

Nothing says summertime fun like fresh fruit popsicles. My girls love to indulge in these icy treats while taking a break from all the splash pad fun. I typically tote popsicles and lemonade in one of our Pack-It lunch bags that can keep things cool for up to ten hours. It’s also nice to let them race back through the water to rinse off and not have the messy hands at our kitchen table.

Let’s face it, our summer’s are long. I’m always trying to think of simple ways to jazz up the usual outings.

Do you bring any fun “extras” when your family makes a trip to the local splash pad? Is anyone else getting nervous about surviving the long, treacherous, summer months?



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