Boobs! Yes, I said BOOBS!

I’ve got boobs on the brain and feels good to finally get it (them?) off my chest! I need bra buying help!!

“It’s December,” you say, “…time for Christmas, and egg nog, and warm fuzzies…but not boobs.


I probably should have written this back in October, back when saying “boobs” is socially acceptable. And we’ve FINALLY made it through November and our husbands have hopefully taken to shaving again. I  MEAN, c’mon!  I propose we all give up razors next October for Breast Cancer Awareness, see how they like it! But, I digress…

Yes. I know it’s December. And I’ve got boobs on my mind.  And it happens every year!  The office parties, the New Year’s soirees . Every where you look it’s sequins, shimmery light fabrics, and the dreaded backless, strapless LBD.

I mean, how can you NOT think of  boobs this time of year? 

Some of us are trying to perk up, some of us to fill a cup, and some of us just want to hold ’em up…but, one thing is for certain we’ve all got to deal with ’em!  I know, I know the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Those of us praying for something to show up when we’re 17 and those of us who’ve been trying to hide them since 4th grade embarrassed to be developing so young…it’s a life long battle. A battle we all know just a little too well. We thought we had it bad back then, but throw a few pregnancies and kids in the mix…things get complicated real fast. 🙂

I guess what I’m hoping to gain from this little rant session, is to bring us together, lift each other up, and support one another in our endeavors to find the perfect bra. I’m STILL in search of the perfect strapless bra and I’m hoping you can help!


  • Best strapless bra for those who need some extra padding
  • Best strapless bra for those who’ve got more than enough and need a lift
  • Best t-shirt bra for those with tea-cups
  • Best t-shirt bra for those with venti-cups
  • Best affordable bra
  • Best splurge bra

It’s time to weigh-in and help this girl better manage her “girls”, if you know what I mean…


  1. Here are a few words of wisdom :: I learned (from another mommy friend) that the best place to get fitted for and buy a bra is Nordstroms. Supposedly VS associates are not really even trained on how to properly fit women into the correct size bra. I’ve even had friends who have been wearing entirely the wrong size bra for years (per a VS associate recommendation)!

    At Nordstroms they go through a decent amount of training and know their bra selection inside and out. I got my first decent strapless bra from Nordstroms a few years back and it was an excellent decision.

    That’s all I got… 🙂

  2. I have more questions for you than answers. Like, how does the average family budget keep up with the ups and downs (and growth and shrinkage) of three pregnancies in 5 years? I mean, maternity bras, nursing bras, etc. etc. etc. I will say that I’ve had really good luck with Target’s nursing bras and nursing tanks and have never had to spend more than $12, just in case anybody is looking in that department. And I nursed for over a year twice so those were a mainstay for even longer than pregnancy bras.

    But pregnancy boobs continue to confound me. This time around I actually went and bought a REALLY EXPENSIVE maternity bra that I have worn maybe 3 times. It’s like the lingerie equivalent of old lady orthopedic shoes. It’s ugly, only marginally comfortable, and does nothing for overall shape and support. I’ve made it through three pregnancies with handmedown (handmeup?) bras from my little sister (who is less little in that department), but by the end I’m stretching those to their earthly limit.

    Can’t wait to hear the advice you get. After this baby, I’m done with the changing sizes once every 12-18 months. 🙂 xoxo

  3. LOL – oh Sarah – I so get what you are saying! This past September I finished 8 years of pregnant and nursing. I have one bra that currently fits me. One. And really, I get the financial question because the reason I have one is because I wasn’t going to buy any until the ladies have decided on their final position (if you know what I mean). It’s on the to-do in the new year so I will certainly be keeping my eye on these responses.

    I had also heard Nordstroms (Steph) and also, the one bra that I have that I love is from Soma – the Chico intimates store. I love it and they too are trained very well to fit a woman correctly. But I can guarantee you the prices rival Nordstroms 🙂

    For maternity/nursing, I had the best luck with Target and using cami’s and bandeau’s.


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